Inventive Ideas, Inc

Inventive Ideas, Inc. is a Kansas City, Missouri based company founded in August, 2000.   

Our mission is to turn inspiration into ACTION.  We provide Bootstraps” Business progress in:

1)  New Patent Product Funding

¨ Early Stage Investor Acquisition

¨ Business planning

¨ Presentation development

¨ Risk analysis


2)  Marketing Development


¨ Target market analysis

¨ Prospect list building

¨ Sales cycle development

¨ Contact management customization (ACT 2010)

¨ Email marketing (Swiftpage)

¨ Value added services promotion

¨ Social Networking


3)   Sales Training


¨ Script writing

¨ Telephone prospecting

¨ Qualification

¨ Account penetration

¨ Closing strategies


                4)   Collections

¨ Phase 1—Expended company wide attempts to collect.

¨ Phase 2—BBB report, warnings on internet review sites.

¨ Phase 3—Daily calls and expanded social network posts.

¨ Phase 4—Letters to editor of local newspapers, posts on forums, business articles submitted to local reporters / bloggers.     


                5)   Inventions and International Products

“It’s easy to achieve success when you’re surrounded by people who know how to rise above the storms of life and see opportunity in the present.”

Carrie Jeske    

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Inventive Ideas is committed to growing people and projects in positive and ethical ways.   We are happy to sponsor non-profit organizations  i3 Resources and the Inventor’s Club of KC, who provide many free resources toward these goals.   

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