Carrie Jeske is founder and president of Inventive Ideas, Inc., a Kansas City, Missouri company that launches original products into selected markets.  Since 2000, it has brought the first product, SportsShade Canopy Awning, through the stages of conceptual design, patenting, market research, seed capital, prototype development, and product distribution.  SportsShade has been sold at QVC, Cabela’s, Sports Authority,, and more.  

Working with friend, Tom Steadman, Carrie co-authored a coaching program and workshop to help people secure employment entitled, “How To Get A Good Job And Make It Better.”   The program has already helped many people find work they enjoy.

Prior to founding Inventive Ideas, Carrie served as president of VITEC, Inc, a provider of advanced call center technology.  She has held several executive level positions as well as acquired extensive experience in organizational development, training and human resources.

She holds a Masters in Management from Webster University and earned a BA in Political Science, a BA in Journalism/Mass Communications-Advertising, with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies from Kansas State University.  

Carrie Jeske is best known for her team building and selling skills.  She is a professional trainer in selling skills, management technique, customer service, personality styles and organizational development. Carrie is a driven, extrovert who enjoys people and has a gift of encouraging individuals to rise to higher levels of performance. 

Carrie has served as a member of the Small Business Advisory Council of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and participates in business leadership groups nationwide.   She serves on the Board of Directors for The Inventor’s Club of Kansas City, one of the largest clubs in the United States.   Her hobbies include competitive Co-ed Softball, recreational golf and active participation within her church, The Rock of KC.

Carrie is happily married to SportsShade inventor and high school sweetheart, Stewart Jeske for 24 years. The couple have two teenage sons who attend Staley High School.


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Carrie Jeske

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Product Launch Success Stories

Carrie is an excellent salesperson and Stewart is an exceptional inventor.   The couple have taken their concept through the stages listed in this website and seen their product sold through the following retailers and more.

Sales & Marketing Services

We offer the preparation and/or implementation of comprehensive Marketing and Sales plans on a contract basis.   Also, we offer commissioned based sales representation services if you would like us to present your market-ready product to our existing retail customer base or other prospective buyers.    Commissioned based sales of new patent products takes considerable time with the payoff usually taking several years to achieve.   Therefore, because we don’t ask for a monthly stipen, we do require a small equity stake and a clearly defined exit strategy.

Market Development and Sales Training includes real life work on your project.    Carrie will work with you to understand the benefits of your products and services, then work with you on your business.  This is an on-going, hands on approach to your marketing and sales efforts.    It’s week to week ACTION.

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¨ Email marketing—the least expensive way to connect.

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