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Carrie Jeske agrees to meet with you weekly and provide instructional material, inspiration, encouragement and accountability.† Carrie agrees to work with you to produce a final copy of your resume to be used to secure employment in a career you desire.† Carrie will explain and coach you through weekly action items that will secure a good job for you.†† All prospective job opportunities will be tracked and recorded by you in a Career Development Notebook that you keep.

If you faithfully complete the action items and do not secure a job in 3 months, 100% of your money will be refunded.† Plus, you may continue to work with Carrie, at no charge, for another 3 months.††

Please keep in mind, Carrie has a 100% success rate so chances are you WILL get offered a job that you want if you trust this process.†† If you fail to complete the assignments, miss appointments or discontinue the coaching sessions for any reason, you agree to pay the full balance of the 3-month agreement.†† Iím pretty sure this wonít happen though, because the weekly meetings are enjoyable and youíll see results immediately!

If you find a job before the 3-month term has ended, you may decide to discontinue attending meetings, but you agree to pay 50% of the balance because itís right to reward excellent service.† However, itís recommended that you continue to meet weekly with Carrie skipping ahead to cover lessons included in the section titled, ďGOóBecome An Employee That Getís PromotedĒ.†††

It is my goal to inspire and direct each person to become more confident in their God-given talents working in a career that fuels the soul.

When you secure employment in the first 3 months, 10% of your 3-month fees will be donated to the local church of your choice, upon final payment.

You get coaching, resume writing, interview tips and weekly accountability and support for only $500 per month for 3 months and if youíre not satisfied, Iíll refund the money.†† Take the first step by requesting a FREE Job Coaching Conference Call now.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† See ya at work!

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More Testimonials & Success Stories


ďI could see my investments losing ground and my retirement drying up.† I knew it was time to go back to work, but I didnít want to sack groceries at the super market and I wasnít sure where someone of my age could find work.†† Carrie helped me with my resume and gave me some ideas.† I found a job in sales and customer service at a cell phone company within a few months.Ē


ďAfter high school I went straight to the mission field so when it was time to return to the US and get married, I wasnít sure where to begin.†† I didnít know how my work as a missionary would qualify me.†† Thankfully, Carrie spent time listening to what I had done and translated what I said into bullet points for my resume.† I was so surprised to see how much I really had accomplished.Ē††


ďI taught school for a few years before realizing that I didnít enjoy it as much as I hoped.† I needed to find something else to do, but didnít know where to begin.† I completed the Personality Assessments and Carrie talked with me about my interests.†† In just a few months, I got a job as an administrative assistant to the Sales Manager at an international company.†† Iíve been with them now for 6 years.Ē


ďIím not sure I really need a resume at age 15, but my mom says itís a good way to keep track of my past jobs.†† She says it builds confidence to think about what Iíve done.†† WhateverÖ.Ē


ďI just wanted a job to keep me busy.†† I have never really worked outside the home so I didnít know anything about what was required.††† Now I have a resume and a plan.†† Iíve always wanted to work in a library.Ē


ďI just wanted a job to keep me busy.†† I have never really worked outside the home so I didnít know anything about what was required.††† Now I have a resume and a plan.†† Iíve always wanted to work in a library.Ē


ďI needed work while I finished my accounting degree.† Carrie encouraged me to complete a resume and look for internships instead of fast food!Ē


ďMy company downsized so I lost my job.† Carrie worked with me to write an excellent resume in about 2 hours.† I secured employment just a few months later.Ē


ďI thought I had a good resume until Carrie worked with me on an improved version.†† Wow!†† She changed the format, layout and fonts and had well thought out reasons.†† My resume looks much better now.††† I now appreciate the use of verbs at the start of each bullet point!Ē


ďIím so glad I updated my resume before I got laid off.†† I think it gave me more confidence that everything would be ok and Iíd find another position soon.†† Iím enjoying this time with my family and Iím so happy Carrie helped me get my resume ready.† Itís really helped take the stress out of finding another job.


ďCarrieís been coaching me for years.† Iíve never met anyone who could see the value of a life experience faster.† Sheís positive and optimistic but not afraid to tell you the hard truth.† Carrie has helped coach me through many job changes, promotions and life choices.†† I highly recommend her.Ē


ďEvery time I consider a new position in county government, I talk to Carrie.†† She is a master at using language to bring out my best.†


ďAs a missionary, I knew I had developed a lot of skill.†† Plus, I had lots of friends willing to put me to work.† I wanted to be sure and make the right decisions though.†† Carrie listened and was careful to help me think through some choices.†† I considered things I hadnít thought of.†† Plus, I think I want to start a business, maybe, so thereís more to discuss.Ē


ďI didnít have anything.† The gambling boats let me go and I had no where to turn.† I donít speak good English, but I work hard.† Carrie told me what to do and helped me get email at the public library.† I go there everyday to find work and now I just got a good job.Ē


ďIím wasnít sure what I wanted.†† I donít really want to work, but I need money so I want to do something I like.† Carrie helped me take my passion for gardening and flower arrangements and turn it into a job in the HiVee floral department.†† I like it. Thanks!.


ďIt feels good to see my work on paper.† It makes it easier to fill out job applications for summer work too because everything I need is on one page.†† Iím glad I have a resume.† I think Iíll like it even more later.Ē

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