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Career Coaching For Christians Determined To Succeed.

The sooner you start doing the right things at the right time, the faster youíll be† earning money again.†† I can help.†† Guaranteed.

I have years of experience hiring people, preparing resumes and securing good jobs.† One of my ministries is helping Christians stay employed.†

If you know, in your spirit, you need help, donít delay in making a good decision for your career.† You have to be willing to make a time commitment and faithfully complete the programís weekly ACTION STEPS.

Take the first step by requesting an introductory conference call.

During the call, Iíll explain the program, answer your questions and give your some advice.†† I only have 3 spots left so I may not be able to work with everyone who completes this step.

Iím offering the whole program, including my time, for FREE to a few Christians who are determined to succeed.††† Love offerings in any amount are appreciated.

How much money is being unemployed costing you?

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