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1.  Factory Direct From U.S. and International Manufactures

Inventive Ideas has many sources for manufacturing.   Lists and sources are available in the Education / Training Section of this website under the Invention Process section about Manufacturing.

In 2009, Inventive Ideas was awarded the EXCLUSIVE United States distribution rights from JS Global Co., Ltd, a manufacture of solar powered lighting products.






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2.  Market-Ready From The Inventor Community

Inventive Ideas has built an extensive network of contacts within the inventor community including social networks, associations, clubs and trade shows.  

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Inventive Ideas serves as a Product Scout for manufactures, retailers and investors interested in connecting with the inventor community.   We have a keen eye for innovation and work closely with our clients to fully understand the product line, corporate goals and investment guidelines for new product opportunities.  

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Solar Power Flashlights, Lanterns, and Portable lights

Solar Powered Street Lights, Solar Powered Street Signs


Solar Power Lawn, Garden, Decorative Lights, Flood Lights

Solar Power Insect Killing, Bug Zappers, Home Décor.  Style 2

Solar Power Christmas Lights, Holiday Lights, Home Décor, Gift Ideas

Solar Power — Power Supplies, Chargers, Air Cleaners

Solar Power Flashlights, Backpack Charger, Power Supply

Bath, Tub Mats, Bathroom Décor, Home Furnishings

Solar Power Insect Killing, Bug Zappers.  Style 1