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Invention Process

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1.    Problem Solving

2.    Validation

3 .   Seed Capital

4.    Business Planning

5.    Prototypes & Patents

6 .   Sell  or  License

7 .   Start-Up Funding

8.    Manufacturing

9.    Sales  &  Marketing

10.  Operations

11.  Expansion Funding

Our process is intentionally inexpensive, sequential, short and action driven so you can get your product to market fast, with less risk.  We will help you every step of the way.

Training & Education

Inventive Ideas, Inc provides relevant, action-oriented Training and Education in a variety of areas.

           A.  Invention and Idea Development

Follow our Invention Process in sequence.  Do not move on to the next session until you have completed the one page ACTION PLAN.  Move quickly, but save thousands of dollars in mis-managed expenses and fees to service providers.

           B.  Career Development

Carrie Jeske’s career, education, personality style and belief system have uniquely positioned her to help others.   In times like these, people have become inspired and encouraged to press on toward the goal.     By working though Carrie’s customize approach, many have found jobs in 30 days!    

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Product Scouting / Licensing

Inventive Ideas serves as a Product Scout for manufactures, retailers and investors interested in connecting with the inventor community.   We have a keen eye for innovation and work closely with our clients to fully understand the product line, corporate goals and investment guidelines for new product opportunities.  

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Inventive Ideas has built an extensive network of contacts within the inventor community    including social networks, associations, clubs and trade shows.  

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Carrie Jeske offers years of experience in every phase of the invention process and is available to coach you through each step.   She guarantee’s you will save thousands of dollars and years of time.   Her consulting services are $500 per month for 1 hour per week via conference call.

Start Now.  Don’t wait any longer to start working toward your dream.  If you’re not sure where to begin register here to participate in a FREE Conference Call that includes an Information Analysis.   Carrie Jeske will listen to your project idea or plan and offer recommendations with how best to move forward so you achieve you goals.                      By the hour                                         By the month


             A.  Advisory Board of Directors

Carrie Jeske will serve as an Advisory Board member of your start-up company in return for a small ownership stake in the company or a % of product revenues.   In this capacity, she is available via conference call for 1 hour per month to offer advise.  In addition, her bio may be used to add credibility to your business plan.  To find out more, please send an email with brief information about you and your product or company. 

             B.  Joint Venture

Occasionally, Inventive Ideas will take on a more formal role in the start-up and development of a business, invention or project with Carrie Jeske serving in day-to-day operational management in return for a larger stake in success.   Criteria for consideration of a joint venture include:

1. The invention or ideas is a consumer product that would be purchased by every home in America.

             (ie: Manufacture to Consumer)  OR

2.           A product sold in a specific industry to businesses within that industry.                               

             (ie: Business to Business)  OR

3.           An invention or product used while Tailgating OR a medical product.  AND

4.           The inventor or company must have a high level of credibility among their friends, family and                business association circles. AND

5. The inventor or company must have access to potential investors or funding sources needed              during Founders Round and Seed Capital Funding Stages, including friends and family.  

                          We will show you how to make an appropriate, low pressure, qualified offer.


             If you qualify, please email a brief proposal.


Marketing Plans

Building consumer awareness and generating sales is one of the most important tasks for a new product.   Inventive Ideas can help you put together a grass roots, viral marketing campaign that generates leads.

Then, we’ll manage those leads and convert a high percentage of them into sales of your product.  

We charge $3,000 for a complete custom market analysis including an executable action plan.   If you want to retain us to execute the plan, we charge a monthly retainer of $1,000, plus 2% of total sales achieved.  

Sales Representation

There are two types of salespeople; farmers and hunters.   Carrie Jeske is a hunter.   Her career spans a lifetime of selling skills and sales management.   Over the past eight years, she has developed relationships and obtained Purchase Orders from the companies listed here as well as many others for products sold to consumers (B to C) as well as business to business (B to B).   Sales is a by product of good marketing.  For selling services, Carrie charges a one time $25 non-refundable application fee.  If accepted, fees are simply 10% of the wholesale selling price, to be paid within 30 days of receipt of payment from the customer and a small equity stake of future sales.    Email questions here.    Carrie has receive purchase order from these companies and more.

Public Speaking

Inventive Ideas offers many informational and entertaining public speakers committed to growing people and projects.

Spiritually Focused YouTube Videos

Business Focused Management Team


A/R Collections B2B

Inventive Ideas handles collections only with documented proof that a legitimate payable is owed.   This is a higher ground service offered only to selected clients with a history of integrity in business practices.

In these tough times, we believe good business practices must be supported through timely payment for services and bad business practices must end quickly, protecting other vendors from harm.

The increase in social networks, company review sites, blogs and online news information make it easier than ever for good companies to be rewarded and poor companies to be reported.  

Inventive Ideas uses the tools available to encourage legitimate payments to be made timely.   It’s a small world with constantly changing internet activity.    You can trust Inventive Ideas to leverage our excellence in communication and persuasion with aggression and tenacity to protect companies hurt by poor A/P practices.

Always, our goal is reconciliation.  We make every effort to collect outstanding payables with kindness, dignity and respect for the first few attempts.   However, if our requests are met with unreturned phone calls and avoided emails, our collection efforts escalate quickly to include the following phases.  

During phases 1 though 3, we work on a flat fee hourly rate and take no percentage of the receivable.   99% of the time, companies who plan to remain in business or whom want to protect the brand identity of asset acquisitions will pay what they owe in the first two phases.   For those who do not, Inventive Ideas may negotiate a purchase of the receivable and move to Phase 4 collection efforts.

Phase 1—Expended company wide attempts to collect. (60% success)

Phase 2—BBB report, warnings on internet review sites. (90% success)

Phase 3—Daily calls and expanded social network posts.

Phase 4—Letters to editor of local newspapers, posts on forums, business articles submitted to local reporters / bloggers. (99.9 % success from companies still in business)        


                                            By the hour                                          By the month

Excerpt of Phase 1 plan:

Phase 1—  average 1-2 hours over 2-5 days.  60% pay their bills at this point.

1. Review all written documentation between parties and insure the payable is legitimate.

2. Research company website, local newspapers, trade journals, social networks, and D&B to develop a contact list of key management personnel in accounting, sales, marketing and executive management and gain insight into customer base, target market, company goals and stability.

3. Telephone prospect all key personal to encourage payment priority by increasing awareness of the issue within the company.

4. Prepare a contact data sheet in Excel.

5. Email all key personnel with payment details and requests a response.

6. Confirm payment deadline.  If missed, move to Phase 2



Once you hire Inventive Ideas, a full strategic collection plan will be emailed to you.