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LICENSORS— If you’d like to speak with us about licensing the patent rights or a private label production                                         agreement for any of our utility patented consumer products, please call 816-734-4740 or                                         email Carrie Jeske

INVENTORS— In the Kansas City area, please meet us at the Inventor’s Club of Kansas City where we                                          volunteer our time at no charge.   If out of the area, we offer a free 10 minute telephone                                            consultation, by appointment.  To find out more, please see our  Education & Training                                               section.  We accept product submissions once Step 1 and Step 2 of our                                                                    Idea to   Business Process  have been completed.

SOLICITORS— Currently, we ARE NOT interested in solicitations from:

                                                     Web developers, SEO companies, TV Marketing Shows (that require fees)

                                          We ARE interested in building more relationships with:

                                                    Retailers, Sales Rep Groups, Distributors, Manufactures, Graphic Artists, Process                                                       Experts, Attorney’s, Networking Groups, Funding Sources


                                          All service providers that we use or recommend must complete our extensive due                                                               diligence process that includes time, as a measurement of reliability.

JOB SEEKERS—       CLICK HERE to find out how we can help.                                                 

DON’T CALL US.  E-mail.  

Please understand.  We’re busy and trying to get a lot done everyday.   Inventive Ideas is highly focused and productive. We really prefer email communication and usually respond very quickly to written requests for information. 

Our telephone conversations are limited to paying customers who are benefiting from our coaching services.                                                                   

When we speak on the phone, it’s usually scheduled time so please just send an email that includes your phone number and we’ll get  back with you during a pre-determined time that we return calls. 

Thanks for your understanding!

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