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“It’s easy to achieve success when you’re surrounded by people who know how to rise above the storms of life and see opportunity in the present.”      Carrie Jeske

Lexi  along with her husband, Sam, own and operate DotCom Design Studio.   A web development and SEO company that Inventive Ideas highly recommends.  They did the SportsShade site, not this one!


Cristie   is a professional keynote speaker and trainer for the real estate industry, as well as a Christian humorist, inspirational presenter and health food nut. 

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You could become a part of our management team or a strategic partner.   Inventive Ideas is always looking to build working relationship and alliances with high quality people and companies.


Group conference calls are topic driven and relevant.  Participants are encouraged to ask questions, obtain feedback, receive encouragement and make business connections. 1-hour.

$ 19.95

Individualized consultation with the management team member of your choice.   1-hour.

Individualized weekly coaching in any area of personal or professional growth by the team member of your choice.  Action plans and accountability encouraged. 1-hour.

$ 99.95

$ 499.95


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Inventive Ideas, Inc is committed to working with the highest quality people in skill, integrity and excellence.   Choose group or private coaching from any of our leaders.

Carrie serves as president for Inventive Ideas.  She has 30 years experience in sales, marketing, executive leadership, training, public speaking, and organizational development.

Carrie is a motivational inspirational personality.

Ebbie serves as Sales Manager for Trade Shows and Director of Life Coaching for Inventive Ideas personal and professional development programs.  Ebbie is encouraging, spontaneous, and an over-comer!

Raymond works with Independent resellers.   He enjoys establishing new operations and loves people!   Raymond is perfect for early stage market testing and product quality assessment.

Barb overseas all book keeping and accounting functions.   She has over 25 years experience in financial management and is a former C.P.A.   Barb is a Quickbooks expert and detailed money manager.

Stewart develops most in-house ideas out of his Inventor’s Journal.  He’s a licensed professional Engineer (P.E.) in several of our United States.  Stewart is a creative, logical thinker who manages money well and has a great eye for detail.

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