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$200 per month retainer, 10% commission on product sold, and 1% product ownership for each of the first 5 Purchase Orders.   Monthly prospect status reports are provided.

SALES Services & Training

$500 per month retainer, 5% commission on product sold, and 1% product ownership for each of the first 3 Purchase Orders.   Includes weekly 1-hr coaching telephone calls where you or a team learn 1) How to collect buyer and company contact information  2) What to say when you call a buyer  3)  How to keep track of data   4) To build your own unique sales cycle to predict future revenues.  

Inventive Ideas, Inc has vendor agreements and relationships with many product buyers whose logo’s are on this page.

We offer the following services to finished products ready for sale.


Why is it is always written Sales & Marketing when the truth is that Marketing comes before Sales.    Sales are the life blood of any company and marketing is the blood veins.   To be healthy, you need strong marketing strategies that generate consumer awareness and expert sales people to close the agreement.

Sales & Marketing—Step 8

Finding Your Niche

Let the Market Pull You

Spend Money or Take Time

Building Consumer Awareness

Why, When, Where, How ?

Trade Shows

Manufactures Rep Groups                        Account Protection

Commission Structures

Farmers or Hunters

Finding Good Salespeople

The Purple Cow

Crossing the Chasm

Retail Merchandising 

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