Before you spend any money on patent searches and prototypes, it makes sense to validate your idea to make sure that it’s not already on the market.   Much of the initial research is easy to do, free, and helps you learn more about the industry your product serves.    You can pay service providers for this work, but there are no short cuts to success so learning how it’s done, is a good use of time.

Sources of Validation 201

Understanding the business aspect of innovation is important.  In this session, you’ll learn how to estimate the cost of your product, make assumptions on the price the market would pay and evaluate the mark-up needed for various distribution channels.

Good Business 204

Focus Groups

Delphi Studies

Product Evaluation Services

Preliminary Testing 203

Patent Searches 202

Validation—Step 2

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Third Party Product Evaluation         

(Costs $200.00)

The Institute provides inventors, entrepreneurs, and product marketing/mfg. enterprises with an objective third-party     analysis of the risks and potential of their ideas, inventions, and new products. They evaluate using 45 criteria with results   received back in 6-8 weeks.

1. Download: PIES Invention Evaluation Registration &   Disclosure “Short” Form docs 

2. Mail in required form, description, sketches, photos, etc. of idea.



Qualified Patent Search                                                         

(Cost est. $600.00)

Once you locate a patent agent, verify he/she is registered with the USPTO at link above.  If you plan to proceed, it is          recommended to have an attorney run a full patent search to help insure that your idea has not been patented already. This will help reduce the likelihood of being sued and you’ll need the credibility if you decide to continue through the process