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I Have A Great Idea.    Now What?

At Inventive Ideas, we believe ideas are like seeds.  When they’re planted in the right place, in the right season and  nurtured with diligence they usually produce a harvest.  The more skilled in understanding the process you become, the greater the rewards.   Evaluating the quality of your idea before spending ANY money on it is the most important first step and where many inventors fail.   Do not be fooled by TV invention advertisements or get rich quick schemes.  The truth is, Ideas usually fall into one of five scenarios:  First, the product is already on the market.  Second, the idea or variations are protected by one or more approved patents already.  Third, a patent on the idea is already pending.  The application has just been filed, it’s just published or is currently in the review process.    Fourth, someone else in our world of 8 billion people is developing the same idea at this moment.    An idea alone is worth nothing, but if you’re able to put forth some effort you’re already ahead of the crowd.


The good news is that if you do have something special, our increasingly small world makes it easier to launch.  So, before spending money or telling anyone your idea, Search and Evaluate information yourself.  If you find your idea is already being done… Keep thinking!     Successful inventing is both a science and an art.  Follow our Invention Process and learn the basics.

Step 1:                Search

Research Idea

Put together a 3-ring binder or file to capture your results. 

If you decide to move forward, you’ll need this information  for attorneys, business plans, package design and funding.

Use search engines such as:

www.google.com        www.yahoo.com      www.msn.com   

Type in single key words that describe your idea.


Analyze Competition and Market

Use the search engines and explore locations where your item would be sold. Type in single keywords that describe the   function or the look of your idea.


If your idea is found, create a simple spreadsheet of each item and briefly compare.  Direct Competitors: How many? How long on market?  Features? Costs?


If your idea is not found, generally there are other related products that may have a similar function to what your idea does.  Indirect Competitors: compare like above.


Search Prior Art                                    

You can search the United States Patent and Trademark   Office for free at:  www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html   Search Issued Patents.  Click “Quick Search”   Type in single key words that describe the function and the look of your idea. Then search Published Applications.  Scan the Claims section and save language that may be useful in your own application as well as information about similar ideas. 

You’ll need it later. 


Still believe it’s unique or better?  Complete Step 2.

Five, your idea is unique and better and would benefit many.  Congratulations, you are on the road to success. 

Now it’s time to develop your idea into a business.   At this stage, doing the right things in the right order makes all the difference in the world.  Follow our Invention Process and get started right away. If you want us as Consultants, please follow these steps to Submit an Idea, patent pending or patent.

Our Invention Process

Click each box for details

1.    Problem Solving

2.    Validation

3 .   Seed Capital

4.    Business Planning

5.    Prototypes & Patents

6 .   Sell  or  License

7 .   Start-Up Funding

8.    Manufacturing

9.    Sales  &  Marketing

10.  Operations

11.  Expansion Funding

Our process is intentionally inexpensive, sequential, short and action driven so you can get your product to market fast, with less risk.  We will help you every step of the way.

Submit An Idea or Patent

Step 1 :  Search  And Evaluate Your Idea

Step 2 :  Review the Invention Process.

Step 3 :  Review Services Options

Step 4 :  Determine What Services You Want From Inventive Ideas

Step 5 :  Present  Findings Clear and Concise via email.

Step 6 :  E-Mail Inventive Ideas.

Learn and Follow

Step 2:                Evaluate

Define and Record Idea                                      

(Costs $12.00 from The Inventors Club of KC)


Using a formal logbook is the safest way to record date of conception. Buy one and begin recording and sketching idea.


Consider Funding

Are you willing and able to your own time and money to Validate the idea, complete a Market Assessment, Patent Search and File a Patent?


Are you willing to work with investors?


Enlist  A Confidant

Words have power so don’t tell your idea too soon.  Choose someone close to you who’s judgment you trust. Encourage them to be honest with you about their opinion of it’s viability and their assessment of your ability to see it through.  Discuss your strengths and weaknesses openly.  Swear them to secrecy.


Educate Yourself

Attend an inventors club meeting.

Start our Invention Process.

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