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How To Submit My Invention to ASOTV

How To Submit My Invention to ASOTV

Before You Submit

How to submit?

Make A Demo Video

The best submissions feature you demonstrating the product in a unique way that makes people say, “WOW, I want that.”.    Don’t spend alot of money.   Use the best prototype that you have and shoot the video with your smartphone or digital recorder.  

The video should be short (less than 2 minutes) and clearly explain THE PROBLEM, YOUR SOLUTION and the BENEFITS (or mass market uses of) your product.  

 Vimeo  or YouTube are great places to load your video because you can watch the number of views and delete the video, at your control.

  • Vimeo: Please be sure to set your privacy settings to “only people with a password.” Don’t forget to inlude your password in your submission email. Also, please select “download the video” option.
  • YouTube:  Please adjust your settings so the video is “unlisted”, then share the link with us via the submission form.

Send and Email or Submit Online

Submit to Carrie Jeske’s email, directly at

If you submit via email, be sure to include the PRODUCT NAME in the Subject field, then attaché a link to a video or website in the body of the email.

What Happens After I Submit My Product?

SUBMIT your concept or continue to LEARN MORE about the As Seen on TV marketplace.

Keep Learning….  Review this important information.