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Carrie Jeske Review.

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“Carrie is 100% devoted to bringing inventor’s and everyday people’s ideas to the As Seen on Tv market. She is prompt to respond about your idea submission with a yes or no and some feedback that will guide you to success. Anyone can do this and possibly change their life. I recently licensed my first product in the
pet industry and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Carrie is trustworthy and I personally am inspired by her willingness to help people in this community of innovators. She is my exclusive partner for DRTV inventions. Check out her YouTube videos as they will explain the very simple process. Get in the game and you will have a great time!!”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Michael Knepper, was with another company when working with Carrie

“Carrie’s knowledge and advice was key in providing the appropriate information needed to create and submit my patent pending invention through the “Will It Launch?” website. The videos are straightforward and provides exactly what is needed. I’m excited to hear feedback and to get this product into production. ”

— Kim Headbloom, worked with Carrie

“Carrie, You are a lighthouse in the fog, and I appreciate all you do to educate inventors on the correct process for moving ideas to market. Finding a trustworthy partner online is very frustrating. It’s hard to know if someone is working for the benefit of everyone or only themselves, so thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and add some clarity to this. The stats of online submission sites is staggering! I had
no idea it was that bad. I look forward to working with reputable partners like Inventive Ideas and Will It Launch.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Rhett Micheletti, worked directly with Carrie

“In recent years I have grown greatly in both experience and knowledge concerning product development. But when I face a new challenge or come across a unique situation in the field of invention, I ALWAYS go to Carrie for advice and guidance! Whether you are a beginner just starting to develop a product, or well on your way to success, you will ALWAYS have a great resource and friend in Carrie.

I doubt you will ever ask her a question about product development she can’t answer, but if you do – I’ll bet she knows how to put you in contact with the right person! What a great resource with a wealth of information! Carrie is more than a great communicator, educator, and expert in product development and the ASTV industry – she is a generous, warm, and wonderful person. Any inventor who wants to beat the odds and successfully climb “The Mountain of Invention” will be greatly blessed in crossing paths with this amazing professional! Got an invention or ASTV question? Contact Carrie! And you WILL be blessed!”

— Charles Bailey, worked directly with Carrie

“Carrie is the very definition of an entrepreneur and self-starter. Carrie’s driven, has a zest for success, and
is subject matter expert on product development, licensing, and marketing. As a marketing expert, her insight and passion are instrumental to her client numerous successes and achievements. Carrie’s rare set
of skills and expertise that expand throughout numerous industries, and has really defined her expertise as
the “go-to” for products shown “As Seen on T.V.” Carrie is a very social and approachable person and I recommend anyone trying to invent, manufacture, or license an invention speak with Carrie. I am proud to be linked with her both professional and personally.and look forward to many more years of work alongside her. ”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Andrew Rapacke, Esq., worked with Carrie

“What makes Carrie Jeske so good at what see does? First of all she knows what she is doing and is very street smart savey. Second ,she cares and is very,very,very smart with years of experience. Third, when you speak to her you would think you knew her your whole life and you really want to love her. And lastly and most important of all SHE KNOWS HOW TO WIN AT THE START TO WIN IN THE END , MOST IMPORTANTLY WITH THE CONSUMER SHE HONESTLY CARES FOR.”

— Peter Gold, worked with Carrie

“Carrie was a keynote speaker at the Minnesota Inventors’ Network in July. She is very insightful and has a great understanding of the As Seen on TV Direct Response market. Her years of experience in the industry makes her a valuable asset for anyone looking to license their product. She even stayed late to talk and consult with the inventor attendees about commercialize their product ideas. Thanks again Carrie!!!”

— Zac Mangel, Board Member & Membership Secretary, Inventors’ Network of Minnesota, was with another company when working with Carrie at Will It Launch?

“All I can say is…Carrie is a great human being. People like her are very hard to find!! She’s honest & straight-forward. She evaluated my Invention idea and gave me very valuable advices, FREE OF CHARGE!! I feel honored having her advice & expertise. I look forward to our future business relationship!!!”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Igor Lyubarskiy, NY & NJ Attorney at Law, Attorney, was with another company when working with Carrie at Will It Launch?


“Carrie Jeske is a person whom I see as a professional and to the point person that is willing to get the Job done. Her As Seen On Tv advice concept saved me a lot of time and money. I highly recommend Carrie to assist you on any of your past and future endeavors'”

— A.B. Brown, Student, Miami Edison sr., worked directly with Carrie at Will It Launch?

“Carrie is a seasoned inventor/entrepreneur with vast knowledge of the inventors world. Her enthusiasm and dedication sets her apart with a keen sense of what will be successful in DRTV. If you want an honest opinion and a quick response, Carrie is the right person to contact. She is very responsive to phone calls and emails and will not keep you waiting. If you think you have a great idea for DRTV, don’t wait, call Carrie today!”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Maria Ruvio, Principal, MLR Innovations, Inc., was with another company when working with Carrie at Will It Launch?

“Carrie has introduced a whole new world to numerous inventors who have big ideas but little practical knowledge on how to move forward or be “discovered”. Her connections coupled with her presentations and advice are inspiring a new breed of tinkerers to be Seen On TV.”

— Larry W. Arnold, TBD, Looking for next Opportunity, was with another company when working with Carrie at Will It Launch?

“Carrie has an exceptional ability to harness energy and to tap into group/individual brainstorming with speed and enthusiasm that leaves you breathless. If you are an inventor she has the ability to take you from idea to product launch in record time!”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Kelly Lieberman, Executive Vice President, Military Steel Corp, worked directly with Carrie at Will It Launch?

“A Pleasure to work with. Made me feel important and hopeful. Cannot recommend her enough.”

— Jerry Cline, was Carrie’s client

“Carrie provides excellent advice and ideas in a creative way.”

— Andrew Becker Sr, was Carrie’s client

“Carrie is a results-oriented, professional with excellent communication skills. Her recommendations and insights add quality and clarity to product and message.”

— Dr. Carol Mack, was Carrie’s client


Carrie Jeske Review

— Johnathon D’Angelo, was Carrie’s client


“I was able to walk in with nothing and walk out with something that I felt confident would get me into a career of my liking. Carrie was able to sit down and listen to me and my needs. Which helped her turn my words into a readable, descriptive resumé.”

— Bryce Meehan, was Carrie’s client

“Carrie, There’s no way to describe you. People need to just experience how professional and wonderful
you are. I truly appreciate all the updates on my product submission. Since I work in a large corporation, I am very familiar with how long it could take to put a product out on the market. So, no worries. I’m just so excited knowing that it’s in the works. I’ve been watching your youtube videos and trying to refine my skills. I’m always on the prowl and eager to find the next best “As Seen On TV” product. ”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Maria Ruvio, was Carrie’s client

“Like another person stated, “Carrie is a fine human being, not in it for herself!” I too, feel she’s a rare breed of her kind.  however, her authentic input on directions and a thoughtful instructional reply she graciously extended a newbie! Her encouragement, spirit of generosity with advice [with no benefit to herself] is beyond amazing. She’s a rare gem. Am most thankful to her. PROSPERiTY WiSHES LLC hand crafters of prosperity wishes (415) 562-4967″

Carrie Jeske Review

— nicole n, was Carrie’s client

“When I first talked to Carrie I could hear in her voice the passion for her job. I knew then this was the person who can help me move forward with my invention. She doesn’t just give information, she backs it up with action and results. If you have an ideal/invention Inventive Ideals is the place to go. Sincerly Gustavo G Gamboa Like @!/TheAGustoChair”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Gustavo G Gamboa, was Carrie’s client

“Carrie Jeske has designed a unique program of ‘Product Scouts’ to hunt down new inventions and connect with new inventors. One of the challenges of being an inventor is to get noticed. Her program will help inventors and invention watchers alike get the traction they need to be successfully Seen on TV.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Linda Pond, Co-Inventor, The F.A.B. Light(TM),, reported to Carrie at Inventive Ideas, Inc

“If you are an inventor, you know that it’s far from easy to get your product on the market. I was looking for a way to make some money when I came across Carrie Jeske on Linked in and read about the Product Scout Program. I have been working with Carrie for a while now and learning about ASOTV products. Carrie is great to work with and really knows about the process. It’s a fun way to make money and you can work when you want!”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Kim Richards, Self-employed, Dental product developer, reported to Carrie at Inventive Ideas, Inc

“I contacted Carrie on LinkedIn in connection with my invention and have been very touched by her helpfulness.The kind words of support and encouragement,generosity of advice with no benefit to herself have been most impressive.Her wealth of experience and knowledge in her field is impressive and she is more than happy to share this with anyone who has a keen ear to listen.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— kitty van Rijswijk, owner of bodylift patent, tautandtight, was with another company when working with Carrie at Inventive Ideas, Inc

“Working with Carrie is exciting, extremely informative, she is extremely assertive and attentive in communication, very experienced and connected…. I can trust Carrie with any and all of my projects and know in confidence that I will get all I could possibly get out of my ideas… there is nothing like getting instant feedback and support which helps with my motivation, drive and overall passion as a small time inventor with huge success always a driving force with Carrie”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Chase Sanderlin Inventor/Innovator, was with another company when working with Carrie at Inventive Ideas, Inc

“In all honesty at this point in time, Carrie and I are getting acquainted, but I so appreciate what she has done for me already. Carrie has been a supportive coach, reviewer and investor broker for my product, and I have more I look forward to sharing with her. Quite shockingly, Carrie hasn’t charged — and won’t be charging
— me a penny. I look forward to meeting her face to face, and I feel confident we will develop a business relationship that will only improve over time. I fully expect her to be as approachable in person as she comes across in her webinars, which is saying something! 🙂 I’m so glad we connected through LinkedIn — Carrie has given me hope and a promising avenue to explore getting my product to market with the only risk being that I contact her. How awesome is that?”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Karen Tinsley-Kim, was Carrie’s client

“Carrie knows exactly what products will fit the TV market. There are no risk for the inventor of new products. The deals are real and very profitable providing the concept works. Very honest and trustworthy. A straight shooter and no up front cost. Get on board! ~Walt”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Walter Webb, was Carrie’s client

“Carrie can deliver! .She works hard to help educate inventors about the intensely competitive but highly lucrative DRTV industry and help them streamline their product pitches to the right players without charging them outrageous fees up front or taking their royalties. I recommend her to anyone seeking to broaden their product submission base and to inventors who are seeking to showcase their product ideas. I look forward to working with Carrie on many more projects in the coming years.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Leigh Martin, was Carrie’s client

“Carrie is the only person we have found in her field that is willing to take the time to give honest accurate feedback, when that feedback needs to be negative. She does not give the feedback in a negative way, she gives feedback that can help you turn an idea around.  Great job Carrie.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Paul Sadowski, was Carrie’s client

“I reached out to Carrie on a whim to ask for a possible connection. She was responsive, pleasant and was willing to connect me with someone that she felt I could do business with. Thank you to Carrie for being so approachable and willing to help.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Rose Marie Iskowitz, Founder & President, RMI Enterprises LLC, was with another company when working with Carrie at Inventive Ideas, Inc

“If you’re attempting to take an innovation to market, I strongly recommend working with Carrie. She has the ability to almost instantly assess the viability of your innovation, and the next steps you need to take to be successful. Carrie “gets it.” And when speed to market matters, and your next move is crucial, there’s no better person to coach you through the process!”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Ellen Kelley, Director of Marketing, HiDef Helicopters… a Johnny Rowlands Company, was with another company when working with Carrie at Inventive Ideas, Inc

“Carrie is honest and thorough with her dealings and business connections. Carrie is astute and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to more business with Carrie. Thank you Carrie!”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Jim Campbell, was Carrie’s client

“Carrie is a very knowledgeable professional yet still has the human touch.If you need advice for your invention she is the person you need to talk to.I did.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Edward Kennedy, was Carrie’s client

“Carrie is an extremely organized person who can build and motivate a team of volunteers. She has a great capacity to engage people on all levels. As a leader she listens to everyone’s opinions and builds a consensus toward meeting the goals of the group. I have learned a lot from her get it done now abilities and she is one to be envied in her management skills”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Don M. McNulty, Past Board Member for the Inventor’s Club of Kansas City, Inventor’s Club of Kansas City, worked directly with Carrie at Inventive Ideas, Inc

“I highly recommend using Carrie’s services in supporting you to go to the next level with your inventions. She is passionate and dedicated to seeing people win. We have worked with her on her projects making video presentation that tell her story. Richard & Sally Crawford One film and video entertainment,LLC/formally One Productions”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Sally & Richard Crawford, Owner & President, One Film & Video Entertainment, LLC/Formally known as One Productions, worked directly with Carrie at Inventive Ideas, Inc

“Carrie is an overachiever in every sense of the word. Her marketing abilities are results driven. She is amazingly gifted with singleness of focus and vision toward my particular need. She is intuitive and strategic in her marketing efforts. Through intentionality she helped discover my target market and then designed a unique marketing plan that has worked. Productivity is up, as is customer satisfaction!”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Jason and Crisite Sharpsteen, was Carrie’s client

“I hired Carrie to help me develop my sales and marketing strategy. She worked with my staff and I to develop our own sales cycle, updated and trained my assistant on how to use the ACT contact management, and provided prospecting lists and marketing support. Her expertise, along with the value for the money was excellent and her efforts are already paying off in future business potential. I highly recommend Carrie Jeske and look forward to working with her again.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Steve Pope, was Carrie’s client

“Carrie’s dedicated professional with the unique ability to focus on the strategic objective while performing the practical applications to achieve those objectives.  I recommend this Carrie without reservation.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— David Newman, D.Sc., C.Ht., Managing Partner, Templar LLC, was a consultant or contractor to Carrie at Inventive Ideas, Inc

“I’ve had the privilege of watching Carrie at work. Her ability to see “what can be” and throw her energy to a project is important and valuable. I highly recommend her.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Grant Holmes, Staff, IBI Global, was with another company when working with Carrie at Inventive Ideas, Inc

“Carrie, as President of the Inventors Club of Kansas City, is most dedicated to providing the organization with outstanding leadership and innovative thinking. She involves Board members and gets committments from them to successfully push the agenda of the organization. Brad Hirni, ICKC Board member”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Brad Hirni, Owner, Brad Hirni International, worked directly with Carrie at Inventors Club of KC

“I highly recommend Carrie as well as the Inventors Club of Kansas City as a great resource in the KC area. The club has helped me gain an incredible amount of traction by networking with very credible people and resources. The club never disappoints, and a lot of this is due to Carrie’s efforts. Personally, she has given me great insight from her past and current successes. She’s also a fantastic speaker and is full of knowledge when it comes to taking inventions to market.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Derek Hoy, Founder/Manager, Hoyboy LLC, was with another company when working with Carrie at Inventors Club of KC

“In my capacity as a professional speaker, I’ve worked with Carrie Jeske and the Inventors Club of Kansas City for over 3 years. The organization has grown into one of the most valuable assets for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Midwest. The educational and networking opportunities are outstanding, with members comprised of patent attorneys, CAD designers, marketers, and experienced inventors who serve as mentors to those just beginning their inventors journey. I very much enjoy speaking at ICKC meetings. The positive attitude and “can do” spirit I have encountered make a visit to their monthly gathering very much worthwhile.

If you are already an inventor, or just have a brilliant idea and need someone to run it past, you can’t go wrong by attending the Inventors Club of Kansas City. The entire board of ICKC, led by current President Carrie Jeske, have done an outstanding job of building an incredibly useful and valuable organization to benefit inventors and entrepreneurs.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Marty M. Fahncke, Professional Speaker, Motivation and Information, was a consultant or contractor to Carrie at Inventors Club of KC

“I had a chance to work with Carrie briefly as a speaker for the Inventor’s Club of Kansas City. I was impressed with her organizational skills and her clear interest and dedication to helping everyone else out. Carrie strikes me as someone who will go the extra mile and really pull a group together to get things done. Shawn”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Shawn Kinkade, President and Founder, Aspire Business Development, was with another company when working with Carrie at Inventors Club of KC

“Carrie Jeske combines both personal experience and professional expertise in her leadership of the Inventors Club of KC. She clearly understands the world of the inventor and entrepreneurs because she has lived it,
and is able to add a level of insight and understanding that only comes with having “been there, done that” and having done it well. The organization itself is a well oiled machine that EVERY serious inventor in Kansas City needs to partner with, as both a trusted advisor and a collaborative resource……and it is FREE

to the inventor. Armed with that knowledge, you should be on your way down a clearer path on successful commercialization of your product. And be sure to listen to the attendees, they are many that a wealth of knowledge and experience. Check it out, well worth your time. No excuses – just do it. And Carrie makes you feel right at home the first time you meet too!”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Herb Sih, was Carrie’s client

“She is a focused, organized, and motivating leader. I worked for her as a sales person and learned a great deal from her example. She is calm in the face of challenge and positive when the odds are against her. I would recommend Carrie for any relationship and would love to work with her again.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Phillip Charlton, Regional Manager, Vitec Inc, reported to Carrie at Vitec, Inc.

““Carrie is a compassionate and strategic thinking individual who employees a level of integrity that most can only envy. I enjoyed working with her and we still employ some of the processes she developed at VITEC. Carrie’s enthusiasm for excellence is only exceeded by her passion for Christian principles.””

Carrie Jeske Review

— Vince Fulgenzi, CEO, VITEC, Inc, managed Carrie at Vitec, Inc.

“It is not often that you work with someone that has the type of impact that Carrie has had on me and
my career. I learned a vast amount about people and business when I worked with Carrie.I would jump on any opportunity to work with Carrie in the future as I feel that she has truly an endless amount of things to teach me about business and success.”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Tina Kennedy, Director of Training, Empower Trainers and Consultants, reported to Carrie at Empower Trainers & Consultants

“Carrie is a pleasure to work with. She brings passion and ability together to provide the leadership necessary to build unified treams that deliver consistent quality to satisfied customers. Jay Accurso”

Carrie Jeske Review

— Jay Accurso, President & Chief Operating Officer, Empower Trainers & Consultants, managed Carrie indirectly at Empower Trainers & Consultants

“Carrie is an energetic, positive, intelligent, high integrity individual who pays attention to detail and is extremely customer focused. She geniunely cares about ensuring achievement of the agreed upon outcomes for her customers. You can rest assured when working with Carrie.”

— Joe Trueblood, EVP Americas, Achieveglobal, managed Carrie indirectly at AchieveGlobal

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Carrie Jeske