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DRTV Licensing Step One – Carrie Jeske


DRTV Licensing Step One – Carrie Jeske

As Seen On TV (ASOTV) The fastest, least expensive way an inventor can make money on an idea.

The royalties paid are huge, the product development cycle fast and the life cycle short.

So inventions thrive before competitive products siphon away profits.

As Seen On TV (ASOTV) is a category, not a company.   

The red and white logo is public domain but don’t use it because it makes insiders think your product was tested and failed.  

That  is the kiss of death for a licensing agreement in this category.

asotvThere are no submission fees and inventors earn full inventor royalties when working with an industry insider.   

There are also partnership distribution agreements for business savvy inventor/entrepreneurs that want add skin to the game for a seat at the table.   

Every product ever done on TV, by anyone is a matter of public record.

 The proprietary algorithms and consumer interest metrics are astonishing.  

It’s wise for anyone moving forward with manufacturing to complete this testing prier to investing in the high and unchanging costs of molds and final goods.

We review hand made mock-up prototypes, finished goods and imports.  

Just send a link to a demo video or website with the Product Name listed in the Subject line. 

  Our email date and time stamps your submission.    

We’ll review the idea in a few days and reply with specific feedback.  

Term sheets to test market viability can be offered in under 30 days with tests completed in under 120 days or less.  

To find out more, watch my video, Sell Your Invention With No Patent and a Simple Prototype.

See you on the shelves and lets talk online.

Stay close,

Carrie Jeske

DRTV Licensing Step One

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DRTV Licensing Step One