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“What America Thinks” – another tool for inventing for TV

Inventing for tv and understanding trends.

Learning to spot current trends and make a guess at future behavior is an important part of inventing a good As Seen on TV product.

Recently, I was up late watching  PAID PROGRAMMING, enjoying the latest As Seen on TV items available for 19.95 where I stumbled upon

a new show about public opinion.   Sure, is politically inspired but it contains public opinion information that leads to buying patterns and

behavior.    I was most interested with the idea of scanning the HEADLINES to gain a basic “feel” for the American mindset.

Under their website under “Most Recent Releases” you can scan a list of recent polls taken from the Rasmussen Report Public Opinion Polls.

I think it’s a good idea for anyone inventing for TV or scouting for products to stay current on public opinion.


A few examples found on their Most Recent Releases page  Inventive Idea Submit an Invention

58% Eat At A Restaurant At Least Once A Week

40% Think Routine Blood Testing Via Internet or Apps Likely in Next 10 Years

81% Visit Doctor Once a Year or More

32% Are Conservative on Both Fiscal, Social Issues

46% Are Pro-Choice, 43% Pro-Life

With Its Roots in the Nuclear Family, the Nation Evolves Into America 3.0: A Commentary by Michael Barone

61% Say Independence Day One Of Nation’s Most Important Holidays

25% Say High School Graduates Prepared For College

35% Say Now Is A Good Time to Sell A House in Their Area

Americans Are Married to Jobs As Much As to Spouses

49% Predict Higher Interest Rates Next Year

53% Are Confident In Stability of U.S. Banking Industry

57% Think Churches Essential to Healthy Communities

41% Willing to Pay More to Fight Global Warming, 47% Are Not

68% Say Rewarding Hard Work More Important Than Income Equality

73% Look Forward to Going to Work

41% Plan To Do Something Special on Memorial Day

Working Americans Like Their Bosses, Coworkers

73% Expect to Pay More for Groceries

33% Work More Than 40 Hours A Week

44% Think Interest Rates Will Be Higher In A Year

64% Are Generally Happy To Say Where They Work

58% Would Keep Working After Receiving Small Fortune

61% Favor Requiring Retailers to Publish Where Clothes Are Made

10% Are Willing To Get Company Tattoo For 15% Raise

Voters Overwhelmingly Approve of Air and Water Quality

49% Rate Quality of U.S. Environment as Good or Excellent

63% Say American Society is Generally Fair and Decent

73% Favor Labels for Genetically Modified Food

81% Are Paying More For Groceries

71% Think Pop Culture Encourages Sexual Activity Among the Young

47% Predict Higher Interest Rates Next Year

37% Say Most U.S. Workers Are Dishonest To Get Ahead

When It Comes to How Much Health Insurance Coverage

Americans Think Making Contacts Just As Important As Education in Elite Schools

14% Are Fiscal Liberals, 34% Liberal on Social Issues

Most Want Businesses to Offer More Jobs to Those Without Degrees

54% Think It’s Not Possible to Work Hard and Get Rich in America

55% Think Most Rich People Earned Their Money Through Hard Work

61% Say Finding New Energy More Important Than Fighting Global Warming

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