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inventors wanted for reality tv

Inventors Wanted

Inventors Wanted for tv shows, reality gigs, trade shows, crowdfunding and more.

There’s always someone calling your name.  The question is… whom will you follow.   More importantly, how much will you pay?

Guarding your cash and managing your time are two of the most important things every inventor should do.

Inventors often think going on Shark Tank or one of the zillion other reality tv or inventor help tv shows is the answer.   Often, this just exposes the inventor to the public before they are prepared to launch the product.    They welcome competitors to game before they have the funding to play well.

If you’ve tried everything else or your instincts say “Go on the show”, then do it.    Inventor instincts are the center of innovation.  No one has a magic answer or secret sauce recipe for success.    One thing is true in inventing… the right product with the right people at the right time is an elusive, but powerful combination!
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