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Help Me, Help You – Battle Tested TV Inventors Wanted by Carrie Jeske

Help Me, Help You – Battle Tested Inventors Wanted

By Carrie Jeske

Good inventors wanted.   Everyone has an idea, but few people have the skill and drive to actually make it happen.   Those who do, often get discouraged or disillusioned by how many products fail before the golden eye of the consumer twinkles and sparkles with positive results, that actually make money for those on the team with even a tiny percentage.     It truly does take a village and launching a product single handily is  impossible.  In today’s fast paced market, even with the benefit of the internet and direct sales channels.

I love the line in the movie when Jerry Maguire pleads, “HELP ME, HELP YOU”.

Sometimes, people just don’t realize the value of team work until they’ve tried to succeed alone.   They can’t see the chip on their own shoulder until someone brave points it out.  During a time they are actually willing to listen.

Are You A Battle Tested Inventor Entrepreneur?

Battle tested inventors know the disappointment of wasting money on travel expenses to the endless supply of cattle call retail events.  They promise success to inventors, but, more often, deliver free publicity to retailers and service providers.

Battle tested inventor entrepreneurs paid monthly retainers and fees to consultants, coaches and invention submission companies who rarely deliver on expectations. Instead, they’re long on spoon feeding hope of future royalties, in return for the purchase of another service or resource.

Battle tested inventor entrepreneurs know the pain of product returns, disappointing consumer feedback and market test failure, yet they find strength somewhere deep inside to soldier on.  Knowing the valuable lessons they’ve learn and investment in a Master’s Degree from the School of Hard Knocks is destined to pay off big.    These inventors, entrepreneurs, licensing agents and product scouts are willing to put in the time because they know with persistence, patience and time Lady Luck or Divine Providence will smile upon their efforts.   These are the relentless optimists that I’m calling to the team.

Help me, Help you!

Some inventors have even tasted the sweetness of early stage success by selling their product online.  Likewise, they have sells from trade shows and maybe even been awarded retail test rollouts and won awards.

Sadly, Only to find out the operational costs, vender shipping requirements, product liability expense and end result profits were not nearly as lucrative as they imagined.  They experienced firsthand, that with sales success comes an increased need for cash to buy inventory and less money to pocket as compensation.   Debt or Fund Raising become the only option and time becomes the enemy since public domain products face inevitable market competition when big money is a real potential.

The need for capital to sustain growth increases exponentially.  Few good sources are available to obtain the cash needed to thrive.

Inventors Wanted

Like Jerry, I pled with you, dear product inventor.  “Help me, Help You”.   Let me show you a better way of inventing.    Tuck away your fear of loss and surrender your individualism to the strength of great teamwork.   Connect with the best potential to develop, fund, and distribute your great inventions with the speed and excellence of an army of experts.

We’re waiting to review your invention and will provide you fast and specific feedback on the viability of your product for mass market distribution.   If my team agree’s to test your product for market viability, you receive a term sheet for a licensing agreement in 30-60 days with testing complete in under 120 days.    No one can promise consumers will buy your product, but we can promise that trustworthy and skilled experts will review your idea and make the most of it, with your involvement or your blessing, whichever makes the most dollars and cents.

Let’s get started.  Submit Your Product Here   or  learn from my blogs and videos.

Carrie Jeske

How Can I help?    –   Free education and fee based licensing agent services.  Product Criteria:  Patent filed.  Products in any catagory or price point.    Must submit hand-made prototype and smartphone demo video at minimum.  –  Direct licensee for “As Seen On TV” catagory.  Product Criteria: No patent needed.  Physically small products that solve a mass market problem in a visually appealing way.   “As Seen On TV” catagory only.  Must submit hand-made prototype and smartphone demo video at minimum.  Higher the quality prototype and video, the easier and faster to test consumer responsiveness. –  Non-profit 501c3.  Product Criteria:  IDEAS WELCOME.    Let’s talk every month here. We take word only submissions and anything from concept to market ready product submissions.  Teams of positive and creative people join forces to make money.   This is a fun and collaborative workshop, founded by a nonprofit company, for the public good of innovation.    Join a monthly workshop or start one of our local groups in your town.

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