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Inventors….Watch Out For Massive Fees

Count The Cost of submitting products online…

We charge no fees and are more responsive.  .Carrie Jeske and Inventive Ideas do not charge inventors.    We are paid only on successfully selling products.    Our investors fund 100% of the process and control the distribution channel all the way to the retail store shelves.  They are the largest in the business.  The same folks that popular shows end up working with, without the cost.  The ASOTV industry is really quite small and a pre-existing relationship with the right people makes all the difference.

We are FAST and RESPONSIVE with your inventions, providing feedback with each product submission.      All I ask for is First Right of Refusal.  Give me 1 week to evaluate your invention and if I can’t help, you’re free to “Spray and Pray” it all over town if you want to.   Just give me the first shot before you give money you may not need to.    I have a lot of helpful educational info posted on this site and am accessible.

What’s worse, is the time you spend waiting for a response.  Here is a short list of other popular options for TV inventions and the fees they require.

DRTV Product Summit hosted by InventionHome

The broker’s fee is 20% of any gross revenue received for a license agreement or 5% of wholesale net revenue.

Edison Nation

A non-refundable fee paid to Edison Nation to defray the costs of evaluating an Innovation.   Each idea costs just $25 to submit. Insiders submit ideas for $20 each with the ability to submit them into other searches for free.

Split the licensing royalties 50/50 with you on the products selected.

Shark Tank

Inventors are required to enter into an agreement with Finnmax, the show’s producer, that gives Finnmax the option either to receive a 2 percent royalty on the operating profits of the company or take a 5 percent equity stake.

Inventive Ideas

  • No submission fees.
  • No royalty splits.
  • Free inventor education.
  • Fast and Responsive Feedback.

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