Inventive Ideas Inc

Inventive Ideas donates 10% of top line revenue to philanthropic projects.  In the world of inventing, many try to be everything to everyone.    We focus as:

Licensing Agents:

We work to secure, sign and manage licensing agreements that benefit inventors and manufactures so each party receives a financial return. 

Many inventors know “What” to do, but don’t have the time or desire to accomplish it.   We offer licensing agent services to secure agreements for provisional or patented pending products.

Product Licensing Agent Services by Carrie Jeske Inventive Ideas


“As Seen On TV” Product Direct Licensee:

Our relationships are strong inside the As Seen On TV catagory with many products on shelves at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond and where ever short form, ASOTV products are sold. Inventive Ideas is an industry insider, often issuing the initial licensing agreement directly. For more insights, read this book.

asotv dr invention book create products carrie jeske

The ASOTV category is the least expensive, fastest way an inventor can earn money on a new product invention.

We are a direct licensee, in partnership with Will It Launch?

Inventing Workshop

Inventive Ideas is a proud gold sponsor of

Join positive people to collaborate on creating new consumer products and inventions.


Keynote Speaking

Another service we offer is you can Invite Carrie Jeske to speak at your next meeting.

In addition she offers a variety of speeches and workshops on Inventing, Entrepreneurship & Personal and Professional growth topics.


Many inventors spend too much time and money on low value expenses.

Whether self-funded, investor, or equity split, developing funding plans that relates to your goals, is critical.


Manufacturing overseas is risky.

Also low start-up volumes often translate to poor quality materials.

Lack of attention once the sale is made.

Therefore our relationships are 15 years strong with trusted strategic allies.