Secure A Product Licensing Agreement

Secure A Licensing Agreement

With trusted manufactures or distributors in any industry.

We can help!
Inventive Ideas offers licensing agent services for any industry, for selected products only.  Also our team is experienced at finding and contacting companies to license provisional, patent pending, or granted patents.   We’ll work with you to develop a strategic action plan, then we’ll execute the plan and provide regular activity updates
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What To Expect:

Royalty Split Options Available.  No Cash Requirement.

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Steps to Success

Gather Your Pitch Assets

1. Make a well made prototype.  The better your product looks the easier to sell it.

2. Make a 2-Min or less Demo Video you post on YouTube so you can email prospects the link.

3. Email Carrie a link for feedback.

Develop A Prospect List

1. Go to the store and look at products that are made with similar materials, competitive to your idea or in the same section of shelf space you imagine your product would be sold.

2. Look on the packaging and make a list of these manufactures.  They are your prospect list.

3. Call and lookup these companies to confirm the name, email, phone of the proper contact.

4. Email Carrie Jeske your list.  (preferably in Excel spreadsheet)

5. Call, email to gain interest in your product.   This is a tedious process with most contacts saying “No Thanks” or endless voice mail messages.   Stay strong and keep at it until you get someone interested.

Gain Interest  (most important)

1. When you get someone who starts asking question, get Carrie Jeske involved.   Either forward her the email or set up a conference call with your contact.   Carrie will make this high value call a priority and jump in to quality the lead and close the deal.

DO NOT give away information.   The goal is to get Carrie on the call or in the email to trade information early.   There is much we need to know and this is the time to gather data and build relationship.  Carrie will handle all the communication with you listening in and learning.  You have final approval before any agreement is made.   Carrie will advise you on the best terms for you and the manufacture.  Remember, many licensing agreements that are signed do not pay a financial return.  Carrie Jeske’s goal is to Make Money on New Product Ideas.   Negotiating an agreement that is fair to all parties and actually pays real money is the goal.

Negotiate Terms & Licensing Agreement

At some point, they will complete a test or internal evaluation of the product.   If this goes well, or even before that, a discussion on terms will take place.  The agreements Inventive Ideas uses have been vetted by many attorney’s over the years so you do not need to have them reviewed.  However, you are free to hire the attorney of your choice and we will honor whatever changes they deem important.  Our goal is simply to use a simple, easy to understand document that is fair to all parties.

Receive Mailbox Money

So Remember, it takes time for royalties to flow.   Also enjoy your life, keep inventing and guard your cash.    Advance royalties are hard to get, but in most cases we are able to secure between $5,000 and $50,000 up front.    The manufacturing, sales and distribution takes time so be patient.  It may be 6-24 months before additional royalties are paid.    There will be many obstacles along the way so Inventive Ideas maintains a great working relationship with all our direct licensee partners.   We add a variety of value to the process and work to keep the product owner/inventor updated on relevant steps along the way.

Royalty Splits

Inventive Ideas believes in the critical aspect of each partner along the complicated path to product launch.   Coming up with a great product ideas is the start.  Funding it, testing it, manufacturing, selling and distributing are equally important.   We have two types of royalty split, no cash paid agreements.

1. 25% of inventor royalties when the inventor produces the interested contact.

2. 50% of the inventor royalties when Inventive Ideas secures the interested contact.

Licensing Agent Agreement

Let’s get started.  Actions speak louder then words, especially the ones on paper.    Follow the steps above and when either of us has a live prospect on the line, we’ll sign paperwork to clarify our relationship and royalty split at that time.

Get to work!   I already am. 🙂

WHY Choose Inventive Ideas?
We are very selective about what products we accept also our capacity is limited. No one can guarantee a licensing agreement, but we do assure you that your product will have its best shot at success. Also we guarantee that the right decision makers will review your item and provide specific feedback. So our goal is to secure a quality agreement that produces income and our aim is 100% client satisfaction.
Inventors Hire Inventive Ideas when they...

Don’t have the TIME? 

12-month provisional flies by faster than expected. Also most licensing agreements take 3 – 8 months to negotiate.   That’s tough when you have a full time job.  So start early yourself or hire Inventive Ideas to move fast.

Don’t have the CONTACTS?

So submitting yourself online may work.  Inventive Ideas goes directly to the source.   This is our business so we have pre-existing relationships with manufactures and licensees.    We know how to get their attention and what to say when we have it.


So not everyone has the personality or skill to pick up the phone, determine the need, qualify the interest and sell product features and benefits.    At Inventive Ideas, we’re experts.

Lack the experience to NEGOCIATE an agreement that actually pays money?

A quality licensing agreement is more than a royalty rate.    There are many complexities related to market timing, operations, sales planning, term, production also more that impact the manufactures interest.   Many inventors are so focused on securing a high royalty rate that they end up with bragging rights about the contract, but no money in the bank when the agreement terminates for lack of performance.    At Inventive Ideas, we negotiate a win-win agreement that protect the inventor while providing incentive to the manufacture to invest in the final product rollout.  So our mission: Everyone earns!


1. So according to the USPTO, 90% of patents issued for consumer products are never commercialized.

2. The majority of provisional patents expire without being licensed.

3. Also many signed licensing agreements expire unpaid.

Licensing Pitfalls

So let Inventive Ideas improve your odds of success by starting early.  Also A quality licensing agreement takes 3 – 6 months to negotiate.  So Start Now.   Contact Us. 


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