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For Outdoor Reading of Books & Tablets

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Anti Glare Bookades transparent plastic reading sheets (Pack of 3)

  • * Increase clarity
  • * Improve reading experience
  • * Water proof, tear resistant
  • * No glare surface further buffers bright sun
  • * Color helps with absorption of bright light
  • * Reduces eye strain associated with sun glare with outside reading
  • * 3 per package (Grape / Mango / Slate Gray)

Directions: Place a single transparent sheet over the page you are reading to block out the reflection from intense light.  When done leave the sheet in your book to mark your place or slide into tablet case.

anti glare bookades purple antiglare bookades slate grayAnti glare protector anti glare screen protecgtor - multicoloranti glare protector - bookades

Anti Glare Protector - photo