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“Along the process we have seen every measure taken to increase our chances of success as much as possible and are finally getting ready to introduce our product to the masses. Thanks to Ed and his team (at Will it Launch?) we are definitely looking forward to a promising 2014!”

David Turover

Self-cleaning aquarium Inventor

The self-cleaning aquarium cleans itself with no cords, no batteries and no filter. It uses the patented hydrostatic equilibrium, so waste is trapped at the bottom of the aquarium and then flushed out in seconds. So when you pour in fresh water, the dirty water flushes out instantly. Fish don’t even have to be removed from the tank. It’s so easy, even kids can do it.

Ed Waldberg spearheaded the Will it Launch? effort due to his own experience as a dad who had cleaned many fish tanks over the years for his daughters. He knew all too well that kids love fish, but parents hate the clean up.

The product demonstration was clear-cut and gave it a “wow” factor. And this product clearly addressed the problem/solution criteria. It seemed to be an ideal potential As Seen On TV item. After testing and substantial product development, this item is on its way to a national rollout for fourth quarter of 2014.

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