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Remote Control Bird Feeder

Feather Feeder – licensed for an Angle Investor group.

Birds! We love watching their majestic beauty as they eat.

But their feeding schedules can be unpredictable and hard to view!   But now there’s Feather Feeder.

The revolutionary new remote controlled bird feeder that lets you view all the action.  Anytime!

Treat the birds in your neighborhood to tasty treats that will always keep them coming back for more.  It’s easy.  Just fill the Feather Feeder and push the remote control, sit back and enjoy the show as the Feather Feeder releases the birdseed. “I love Feather Feeder! It’s so nice to get up in the morning and enjoy my morning coffee while watching the birds..”

Feather Feeder is even night sensitive! When it gets dark feather feeder will turn off to save battery. Letting you enjoy the fun of bird watching longer! Get your Feather Feeder in this exclusive introductory low price of $19.95! Feather Feeder is great for bird watchers of all ages teaching them to observe and respect nature.  Easy to fill and built to last for years,

The more frequently Feather Feeder is used the birds in your area become attracted to the sound of the food being released and will establish a routine bringing more birds each time! Feather Feeder is perfect for all species of birds including Robins, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Finches and so much more. Feather Feeder actually trains the birds to be attracted to the sound of the food being released.  So they’ll always be around. “I’ve always enjoyed bird watching with my grandchildren and now the birds actually wait for me thanks to Feather Feeder”. And unlike other bird feeders Feather Feeder allows you to release the bird seed when you want!

Now you can have the magic of Feather Feeder for the low price of $14.95.   But if you call right now you can double the offer, just pay a separate fee. Feather Feeder comes complete with a full 5 year money back guarantee if it ever breaks you get your money back! The Feather Feeder for just $19.95

For the best watching experience ever order your Feather Feeder today.