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How do I present my product to retailers?   (Early stage answer).

How do I present my product to retailers? (Early stage answer)

How do I present my product to retailers? 

This question begs so many others.   First we need to define “product”?     Some inventors use this term, when they really mean “intellectual property” or “patent”.     An idea is not a product, it’s a product concept or product idea.

Either way, the short answer is that you have two choices:

1)   Do it yourself.    (Takes more time, but you learn more about the market and your product.)

2)  Hire someone to do it for you.    (Costs 10-30% more but if there are pre-existing relationships then things move much faster.)

If you have a patent and want to license your patent rights and be paid royalties, you need a salesperson called a Licensing Agent.

If you have product market ready and want to sell it, either wholesale or retail, you need salespeople called Manufactures Representatives (MR) or Distributors.

I’ll explore these options in greater depth in a future blog.


For the As Seen on TV market that I’m focused on now.    I will act as an “Invention Scout” or “Licensing Agent” and take your idea directly to a group of people who can test the concept, develop the product, manufacture it and distribute on TV, in catalogs and through full mass market retail in 30 – 180 days.   Just look at the products in stores on the As Seen On TV product shelves.     You don’t need a patent because it’s a First To Market Strategy, but if you have one or get one, that’s always extra beneficial.

I look at products at the concept stage and will never ask you for money.    Realize it’s a long shot (90+% failure) but if you train your mind to solve everyday problems in simple, low cost ways, you could earn between $300,000 to millions per year on one winning invention.  You do need to educate yourself on how to protect your invention ideas appropriately.      LEARN and EARN.

Keep trying!   Here’s how I can help:

1)  Watch this video to learn how to earn up to $100,000 per product, as a product scout, while you sharpen your skills in our category.

2)  For even more help read blogs and watch links:

3)  Here’s some NEXT Steps if you want to work on licensing outside ASOTV.

4)  Here’s some of my agents available for hire, to make connections for you.

5) Join me on social networks and keep learning and helping others.


Just takes 1 winner to earn millions.

See you on the shelves!

Carrie Jeske