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I love working with great product developers.   Amazing how smart they are!   Saving time and money because they know how manufacturing works and how prototypes need to function.

Here are few service providers I recommend:As always, when selecting a service provider make sure you have a clear understanding of WHAT you are buying and WHEN it will be delivered. Also, make sure you understand your launch sequence and are buying the right service at the right time.   Many inventors are out of sequence and spend money on prototypes, patents and product development when they have little proof of potential market viability.   Be careful with your money.    It’s easy to get over extended. Some providers will trade for services and future royalties.  Others will not.   Consider what you really want… a service provider or a business partner.    Also, it’s common to request an NDA from service providers that confirms all patent rights or I.P. remain with you.

For the AS SEEN ON TV distribution channel, we review inventions at the concept stage with early stage prototypes which can save you a lot of time and money. 

To find out more about inventing for TV, see my video overview.    


If you’re certain you need a prototype, product developer or manufacture, I’d contact one of these guys.


Tell them Carrie Jeske, the As Seen on TV lady, referred you! 


Steve Pope – Kansas city

CEO and Owner R2FACT Product Development

Gary Kellmann – St. Louis

Vice President, Sales-Cyclops at Genos TV

Warren Moore – Kansas City

Owner at Protocall Design

Jim WilkinsonDenver

Owner at Veritek

3911 Norwood Dr.  Unit L

Littleton, CO  80125

phone (303) 495-2998

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