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KCPT explores inventing, product development in Kansas City!

Product development and product design are important considerations to any inventor or product developer.

Inventive Ideas, Carrie Jeske, serves, on contract,  as a Director of Marketing for R2FACT Product Development.           

Watch this great company overview on R2Fact – Startups: Made in Kansas City presented in KCPT.

KCPT was so much fun to work with on this project.   Working with R2FACT Product Development has been such a pleasure for me.   Steve Pope is one the best product design experts I know.   He’s created so many great lawn & garden product lines as well as medical device projects.

Deciding whether to patent or prototype is a tough choice for inventors.

I’ve seen people spend $10,000 on a utility patent only to find out the product specs cannot be manufactured.   On the other hand, I watched people waste money on product development, then find out the item is not patentable.

That can cost you so much time and money, don’t make these mistakes. Make sure to do all your research in detail.

These are hard decisions that must be made with the least cost and highest possible return.

Having a strong product developer evaluate your proof of concept is a wise first step to starting your own small business.

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