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The Value of Becoming a Product Scout

Become a better TV Product Inventor by earning $27,500, as product scout.    We’re looking for items in limited distribution already in the public domain.  Many inventors get patents, prototypes and manufacture a garage full of items they never end up selling.    They find out the hard way how expensive building consumer awareness for a product is.    People can’t buy, what they don’t know exists.

Often, they do gain early stage success in limited distribution channels such as online drop shipper retail outlets, catalogs, small specialty retailers and others.    As sales rise, the need for cash to fund growth becomes more and more important.   In addition, the market begins to squeeze profits with wholesale buyers negotiating greater discounts and retail consumers looking for lower prices.    With small success, the demand for quality control, accounting, customer service, order fulfillment and of course, marketing also rises and many of these start up entrepreneurs end up feeling overwhelmed with what seemed like a success.

They just didn’t connect to or maybe wouldn’t let go enough to get the help they needed for their product to really add value to mass market consumers and result in a financial success.

These entrap ensures end up limping along with a warehouse or garage full of inventory that they can’t sell fast enough.    That’s where you can really help, as a product scout because you connect them to the resources and infrastructure needed to move millions of units of product, in a very short time.

If you’re an inventor, you’ll find that the quality of your own TV items will improve significantly because you’ll learn to overcome rejection fast, keeping your mind free to expand creative energy to the concepts that have the greatest potential to succeed.

Where To Look For TV Products

Where to Look for Products?

The internet is vast with many great new products buried on page 148 of Google.      YouTube is filled with new product reviews and video demonstrations by inventors.      The emerging social network craze make connecting to people, products and groups easier than ever.

“Keep Your Eyes Open and Your Mind Sharp.  New Inventions Are Everywhere.”

“It’s not who you know, it’s who you know… knows.”  Carrie Jeske





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