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Carrie Jeske will help you become an experienced product scout.   First, show you’re teachable by actually DOING the things she’s already shared on videos and blogs.   Time is our most important resource.  Let’s be practical about how we spend it.

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  3.  Start Submitting.  Carrie Jeske replies to every email with feedback.

Become a better TV Product Inventor by working as product scout. Carrie Jeske is looking for items in limited distribution already in the public domain. Many inventors get patents, prototypes and manufacture a garage full of items they never end up selling. They find out the hard way how expensive building consumer awareness for a product is. People can’t buy, what they don’t know exists.

Often, they do gain early stage success in limited distribution channels such as online drop shipper retail outlets. catalogs, small specialty retailers and others. As sales rise, the need for cash to fund growth becomes more and more important. In addition, the market begins to squeeze profits with wholesale buyers negotiating greater discounts and retail consumers looking for lower prices. With small success, the demand for quality control, accounting, customer service, order fulfillment and of course. Marketing also rises and many of these start up entrepreneurs end up feeling overwhelmed with what seemed like a success.

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