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Inventive Ideas worked with R2FACT Product Development to review the their keyword strategy.   Using the Google Keyword Tool, Inventive Ideas provided extensive analysis on completive websites along with highest value keyword phrases so R2FACT could integrate more high value phrases and words in the description and meta tags of their website.   Doing proper SEO analysis increases the relevance of the site and gives higher page ranking so new clients in need of product development, more easily find R2FACT on the vast internet.

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Having a working understanding of the internet, SEO and keyword strategies is very important to business planning.    Especially if you want to attract investors.   The internet has become such an important sales tool that every new business must have a sound strategy.

Starting early in the product life cycle with keyword analysis can significantly increase your sales and marketing efforts as well as reduce the expense.

There is much, much more to be said on this topic.   If you want to discuss your specific needs, please click the icon to the left for a Free Consultation.

 SEO Analysis and Google Keyword Tool

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