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Inventive Ideas learned a great deal from it’s first product, the SportsShade Fully Retractable Canopy Awning.   What a lesson in persistence taught by the school of hard knocks.

SportsShade has come along way and been sold in many retail outlets around the United States, including Sports Authority, Cabelas, Sam’s Club, Costco, Solutions, QVC and more.  The product achieved success in the promotional premium category licensed and branded by Budweiser, Coca Cola and Coors Lite.     See the SportsShade Facebook page for photos.

Over the years, between enduring 9/11 shortly after launching in January, 2011 and the economic crash of 2008, Inventive Ideas has not given up on this ingenious product.   Sales reached $300,000 a year in product sales, even in tough times.   Customers love the concept and have demonstrated a desire for the benefits:


                    • Lightweight design so it’s easy to carry.
                    • Fast set up so you can enjoy the party, instead of struggle with a heavy pop up.
                    • UV coated awning top to eliminate the harmful rays of the sun.
                    • Reflective silver top coating to provide a dark, dense shade square that’s 20 degrees cooler.
                    • Convenient carry bag that doubles as a banner.
                    • Customizable banner that can be screen printed with company name, logo or other creative design.

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