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How To Submit Products for Review

How to submit products for review. Click here to make sure you promote your idea in the best way possible to attract good investors.

We don’t charge submissions fees, as others do.

Don’t take a percentage of your royalties either.   We are your direct source for licensing items for TV distribution.

How To Submit Products For Review

First, you have to have a prototype.

It can be a low cost, but well done $5 Prototype, a professionally done or 3D printer prototype or a finished product.

Second, make a demo video.   

This can be professionally done, shot by an amateur or home made with a smart phone or video recorder.   The key is to use the right language and shoe the product Problems / Solution / Benefits in under 2 minutes, but no more than 5 minutes.   If you have questions, read my blog, Demo Videos That Sell.  

Third, post your video online.

I recommend setting up your own YouTube or Vimeo channel because it offers you a free platform with the most control over your video content.  You can see a view count, telling you when your video is being viewed so you can keep an eye on the progress.   Generally, we need 1-3 views to start, 4-7 views if we’re interested and under 10 views to offer a licensing agreement.   The content remains under your control so you can delete the video at any time.

To maintain confidentiality:

  • Vimeo:   Please be sure to set your privacy settings to “only people with a password.” Don’t forget to include your password in your submission email. Also, please select “download the video” option.
  • YouTube:       Please adjust your settings so the video is “unlisted”, then      share the link with us via the submission form.

Finally, submit your product to Will It Launch?   

Always give us First Look before sending anywhere else.

  1. Submit Online.   A member of our team will review your submission and reply with the next steps.
  2. Submit To Carrie Jeske, directly via email, listed below.

IMPORTANT: when you submit via email, be sure to include:

Subject Line of Email:   Simply list the Product Name.  This allows me to sort, track and forward to interested investors.

Link To Video in the Body of Email:  Copy/paste a link to a video from your YouTube, Vimeo, or website in the body of the email.

My email date and time stamps every email for my protection and yours.   All submissions are confidential, non-public disclosures.    I will reply to every single product submission with specific feedback related to the Characteristics of Successful TV Products.


To find out more about becoming a Product Scout, watch this video and contact Carrie Jeske directly.  Check out the Inventors Corner for more great information.

Submit Products for review.

Onward & Upward,

Carrie Jeske

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