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Complaints, Reviews, Common Sense with Carrie Jeske

Complaints, Reviews, Common Sense with Carrie Jeske I’m amazed at how many people believe complaints, reviews or complements they read online. It’s marketing, you know? Remember when people used to think what they read in newspapers and magazines and saw […]

DRTV Licensing Step One – Carrie Jeske

DRTV Licensing Step One – Carrie Jeske As Seen On TV (ASOTV) The fastest, least expensive way an inventor can make money on an idea. The royalties paid are huge, the product development cycle fast and the life cycle short. So […]

Tiny Tests Transfer Trust

Market Viability Testing Saves Money. Of course you trust the potential success of your product.   It’s your idea!   For an investor, that trust must be earned before they believe the same potential is true.   Testing a product for market viability […]


The Value of Becoming a Product Scout Become a better TV Product Inventor by earning $27,500, as product scout.    We’re looking for items in limited distribution already in the public domain.  Many inventors get patents, prototypes and manufacture a garage […]

Why should you educate your friends about TV products?

This is a great time to be an inventor and to help others learn to invent tv products.    I’ve been in the inventor community for more then 12 years, launching my own products and building the Inventor Center of KC. […]

Before You Submit Product to ASOTV

Submit product for ASOTV? There are many places to submit product for ASOTV or other distribution channels, but none as fast as As Seen On TV.  Here’s the steps you can take. EVALUATE / VALIDATE / RESEARCH the concept yourself.    […]