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Carrie Jeske Reviews Products For Walmart “As Seen On TV”

Carrie Jeske Reviews Products For Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Bed, Bath & Beyond Learn to invent products for Walmart.   Sell your ideas to As Seen On TV industry experts who pay royalties. Carrie Jeske reviews products and explains how inventors […]

Key To ASOTV Product Success by Carrie Jeske

Key To ASOTV Product Success by Carrie Jeske The key to As Seen On TV product success is to learn to overcome failure.  Few products succeed, but if you hit just one, you could make millions in product royalties. In […]

Inventors….Watch Out For Massive Fees

Count The Cost of submitting products online… We charge no fees and are more responsive.  .Carrie Jeske and Inventive Ideas do not charge inventors.    We are paid only on successfully selling products.    Our investors fund 100% of the process and control the […]

Why should you educate your friends about TV products?

This is a great time to be an inventor and to help others learn to invent tv products.    I’ve been in the inventor community for more then 12 years, launching my own products and building the Inventor Center of KC. […]

Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Center

I love small business! Small business is thriving in Missouri.  I drove to the Missouri University in Columbia. Spoke with the advisors about As Seen on TV products. And was really impressed.   The experts there have so much to offer […]

Companies Looking For New Products by Carrie Jeske

Companies Looking For New Products by Carrie Jeske Complaints, Reviews and Success Stories At Inventive Ideas, we keep an eye on Who’s Who in the Inventing Zoo.    We monitor complaints, reviews and success stories from the inside of the […]

ASOTV Inventing Technique – Mix and Match

  ASOTV Inventing ASOTV Inventing Techniques – Mix & Match.    I love watching products succeed  and finding new ASOTV Inventing techniques to share.  Check back often. It’s a strategy taught in creativity classes to help people open up their […]

Carrie Jeske on KCPT for R2Fact Product Development

KCPT explores inventing, product development in Kansas City! Product development and product design are important considerations to any inventor or product developer. Inventive Ideas, Carrie Jeske, serves, on contract,  as a Director of Marketing for R2FACT Product Development.            Watch […]