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Who’s Who Inventor Zoo?

Who’s Who Inventor Zoo? This is a great time for innovation so capitalize on the trends and invent smart. There is much opportunity for independent inventors from TV shows to invention contests and more.  The main concern for inventors, is […]

DRTV Licensing Step One – Carrie Jeske

DRTV Licensing Step One – Carrie Jeske As Seen On TV (ASOTV) The fastest, least expensive way an inventor can make money on an idea. The royalties paid are huge, the product development cycle fast and the life cycle short. So […]

How To Submit Products for Review

How to submit products for review. Click here to make sure you promote your idea in the best way possible to attract good investors. We don’t charge submissions fees, as others do. Don’t take a percentage of your royalties either.   We are your […]

Demo Videos That Sell New Product Concepts

Demo Videos That Sell Product Concept and Attract Investors Click here to learn more about inventing & attracting investors.   All you need is a home made demo video of a hand made prototype.   Patenting your concept is STEP […]

Tiny Tests Transfer Trust

Market Viability Testing Saves Money. Of course you trust the potential success of your product.   It’s your idea!   For an investor, that trust must be earned before they believe the same potential is true.   Testing a product for market viability […]

The Role of Licensing Agents

Do It Yourself (DIY) or hire a professional licensing agent to secure an agreement and negotiate terms. By David Koehser, attorney with comments by Carrie Jeske of Inventive Ideas. A licensor who does not want to spend time identifying and […]

Sign a 6-Figure Term Sheet at Product Concept Stage

License Your Product Concept Without a Patent. Click through this blog to learn to sell your product concept to investors who will fund market viability testing. Here’s how Pam Woods earned a 6-figure term sheet to test her product concept […]


The Value of Becoming a Product Scout Become a better TV Product Inventor by earning $27,500, as product scout.    We’re looking for items in limited distribution already in the public domain.  Many inventors get patents, prototypes and manufacture a garage […]

Key To ASOTV Product Success by Carrie Jeske

Key To ASOTV Product Success by Carrie Jeske The key to As Seen On TV product success is to learn to overcome failure.  Few products succeed, but if you hit just one, you could make millions in product royalties. In […]

Crowdfunding Sites. A great place for ASOTV inventions

Crowdfunding Sites.   A great place for ASOTV inventions. As with any invention, it’s all about strategy, timing and connections.   If you have a product that meets the narrow criteria of As Seen On TV, DO NOT post it on one […]