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Complaints, Reviews, Common Sense with Carrie Jeske

Complaints, Reviews, Common Sense with Carrie Jeske I’m amazed at how many people believe complaints, reviews or complements they read online. It’s marketing, you know? Remember when people used to think what they read in newspapers and magazines and saw […]

Inventors Wanted for New TV show

Inventors Wanted Inventors Wanted for tv shows, reality gigs, trade shows, crowdfunding and more. There’s always someone calling your name.  The question is… whom will you follow.   More importantly, how much will you pay? Guarding your cash and managing […]

Should Inventors Split Royalties?

Split royalties is it’s going to make you more money.  Have of something is better then all of nothing. Should Inventors Split Royalties? Hi Carrie, Thanks for giving my contact information to Rose.  She has skills in marketing that I […]