Inventive Ideas, Inc

Low Cost / High Return Inventing


We’re accessible and approachable. So you can call or write anytime.


We’re inventors and licensing agents so we understand your concerns about confidentiality and don’t mind signing non-disclosure agreements.


Our network is vast.  We have strategic alliances, product scouts, licensing agents and manufactures around the world.

Our Team

Our Team – Product Scouts, Licensing Agents, Manufactures

We’re all over the world, prospecting for product gold and also developing high quality relationships with people committed to excellence. Inventive Ideas is here to help.

We work with US based and International manufactures in every category.   Our product scouts search their local market as well as connect online.  We Also develop and train licensing agents who focus on specific market segments, according to background, experience and passion.   We connect investors to inventor projects.

Inventive Ideas Inventing is a gamble. So Inventive Ideas works to help inventors and entrepreneurs place the least expensive bets with the highest payoff. No one has a crystal ball so it’s impossible for any human to predict consumer spending habits. Inventors have two paths. Make and sell the product then pocket the profits or license the patent and earn a royalty payment on the wholesale price. The option that works best is the one that actually pays you money. Both roads have pros and cons. As an inventor entrepreneur, you see things others don’t see. That skill is how you developed your big idea. Now, you have to leverage that to decide which path is best and when to fish or cut bait.