As Seen On TV (ASOTV) Licensing

License Your Ideas to be sold on “As Seen On TV” Shelf Space.

Give me “First Look” on all your product inventions, to champion.

Earn $330,000 Inventing for TV

or $27,500 in Finder’s fees

Full Royalties

No submission fees.

No Royalty Fees or equity stake costs.

Also we don’t siphon off your profits like TV shows, invention submission companies, and invention contests.

Our investors make a return on investment on successful product sales only and fund 100% of the costs for viability tests and rollout for selected products.

Concepts Stage Ideas Accepted

So simply convert your concept idea into a homemade prototype, shoot a smartphone demo video and load it on your own YouTube or Vimeo channel with “Unlisted” setting.

Market Ready items in limited distribution and imports can be approved quickly.

Highest Product Capacity

Our capacity is very large. We have established relationships with top marketers and logistics support. We know where and when to place a product to achieve the highest chance of success.

Strongest Production Team

Our production team is the best in the business. Experienced writing, production, media professionals harnessing the power of historical data on every product ever tried on As Seen On TV, makes our creative approach strong.

Proven Track Record

My Fun Fish, Easy View XD, Magic Mesh, Windshield Wonder, and Jupiter Jack are a few of our multi-million dollar successes.

Fast & Friendly Investor Team

We’re approachable. We love our work and are responsive to your submissions. Many term sheets are signed within 30 days, with market viability testing in less than 180 days and full mass market retail ramping up quickly. Our strategy is “First To Market” so speed and stealth are important. We request “first right of refusal” on all TV product concepts from our valued inventors.

Caring & Candid Feedback

Our goal is to help you succeed so we take the time to give specific feedback on each product submitted through our website.

Learning to overcome failure and focus limited resources on products with the highest chance of success is our goal.

Inventing products for TV is not easy, but it is the fastest, least expensive way for an inventor to earn large payouts on new product ideas.

Product Scout Training

Become a better inventor or earn extra income by joining our scout program. Find out more.