Secure Trusted Manufacturing


Our international and domestic manufacturer relationships are:

solid,time tested, and trustworthy.

Most  manufacturers don’t make small runs a priority.

It’s because their income is generated from larger capacity clients.

Independent inventors are often gap fillers during production changes with materials leftover from sections of the spool where flaws occur.

At Inventive Ideas, we manage the relationship between inventor and manufacture to insure the highest quality at the lowest price. We also educate and support inventors about the sales process and encourage
small run production to test consumer receptivity.

We also work with inventors to establish clear strategies based on manufacturing, sales and licensing goals.

We’re able to get you in front of the right manufacturers.

Get your products in production.

Also with a low cost,high return strategy.

Therefore we have good relationships with top manufacturers.

We have connections for all your production needs.

To request information about manufacturing.