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ASOTV Invention Contest Winner – Easy Wrap

ASOTV Invention Contest Winner

Easy Wrap – Awarded $5,000 email test and $25,000 commercial.

Congratulations to Lloyd Schaefer of Easy Wrap.    Easy wrap was awarded a $5,000 email test along with the production of a $25,000 sixty second tv commercial and media time for a regional test.

He signed a licensing agreement for the regional product test with potential for nation wide roll out to full mass market retail.

Lloyd has been developing his utility patent system for storing and wrapping presents for years.   He’s been through the stages of the Innovation Process and spent countless hours fine tuning his product and connecting with prospective licensors.

Lloyd volunteers his time at the Inventors Center of KC, where he serves as treasurer.    Best wishes to Easy Wrap and Lloyd Schaefer for a hopeful product roll out!

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