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Tampa – CEO Space Grad Weekend

Product Idea Pitch & Workshop For Walmart “As Seen On TV” Shelves Private Meetings for CEO Space Members   Pitch Your Consumer Product Idea to Carrie Jeske and hope to see it on Walmart’s “As Seen On TV” shelves.  Carrie can […]

8 Kinds of Prototypes and When to Use Them

Prototype Types Prototype types are very important to know because when you invent well, it’s in sequence. In the early stages, inventors need to save money and prove the invention concept in the fastest amount of time with the least amount of […]

Low Cost Prototypes by Carrie Jeske

Low Cost Prototypes by Carrie Jeske The $5 Proof-of-Concept Inventor Mockup Prototypes don’t have to be expensive.    When inventing new products for TV, you can secure a licensing agreement with a $5 Prototype. I read an interesting article, written by […]

Product Demo Videos That Sell

Make Product Demo Videos by Carrie Jeske You don’t have to use a professional videographer to make good demo videos that can secure a licensing agreement.  It’s possible to shoot the demo video yourself using a smart phone or video […]

Complaints, Reviews, Common Sense with Carrie Jeske

Complaints, Reviews, Common Sense with Carrie Jeske I’m amazed at how many people believe complaints, reviews or complements they read online. It’s marketing, you know? Remember when people used to think what they read in newspapers and magazines and saw […]