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Crowdfunding Sites.   A great place for ASOTV inventions

Crowdfunding Sites.   A great place for ASOTV inventions.

As with any invention, it’s all about strategy, timing and connections.   If you have a product that meets the narrow criteria of As Seen On TV, DO NOT post it on one of the following crowdfunding sites.   Show it to me first.

When it comes to putting your dreams or your startup plans into motion, it’s important to know which things to do in the correct sequence.   I see so many inventors run directly to a prototype or patent attorney before testing the market viability of their ideas.

The rise of crowdfunding, like most things, has pro’s and cons that must be evaluated.

If crowdfunding is the way to go for your project, choosing the right crowdfunding site is definitely a crucial step.

Watch out for fees and consider the rewards, perks and benefits for each site. Be realistic in your funding goals and be prepared to really market the opportunity yourself.

At the end of the day, you are putting yourself out there, convincing people to part with their money to help fund your thoughts, concepts and ideas.   Many projects don’t get funded.

Becoming an ASOTV product scout and searching crowdfunding sites to find great new ASOTV products is a lot of fun and interesting work.   The internet is a vast source of great new products that one person could never review in a lifetime.    I encourage you to search these sites, looking for products that meet the 7 Criteria of successful products and submitting links directly to me.   Happy searching.

1. Kickstarter

2. Indiegogo

3. RocketHub

4. GoFundMe

5. Razoo

6. Crowdrise

7. PledgeMusic

8. Sellaband

9. Appbackr

10. Crowdfunder


How To Submit Products As A Product Scout

1) List the PRODUCT NAME in the subject

2)  Email a link to the product video or website

How To Submit Products As An Inventor