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Hostgator Product Website

Hostgator does a good job with websites at a low cost.   It’s a good first step for most inventors.


If you’re starting to sell your Intellectual Property or your product, you need a website.   

I love Hostgator because it offers such great value at a low cost.

Use it for Unlimited domain name registration, plus a fast, low cost website is all you need

get started.   CLICK on the banner to sign-up.


YOU DO NOT NEED costly Search Engine Optimization or an expensive site to start.

Keep your costs low.  Learn to do early stage set ups yourself.    Don’t pay expensive experts

for services you really don’t need and that don’t stand the test of time.

Use Hostgator and save your money.  Believe me, you’ll need it later.


Once you get your site set up and your ready to promote it, the best use of your money is

to buy a page on the Inventors Center of KC site and take advantage of all their free services

and traffic generating support.     I volunteer my time there, helping inventors make wise choices.


Best wishes,

Carrie Jeske