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Independent Retailer.

Independent Retailer.

I recently received an email from Independent Retailer, which seems like a good magazine.    Even so, it’s not usually a good idea to spend any money in a magazine like this on advertising because it tends to be too expensive for the value, if you’re a small company conserving cash.   If you are at the early stage, they can be very helpful in promoting your product for free through editorials or new product reviews.   Also, it’s a great source of information such as industry news. Competitive product reviews, statistical data for business planning, buyer contact information and more.

Summary of Value

1) FREE promotion of products.  Early stage products should be promoted through low cost or no cost methods.

Also free editorials and new product reviews are excellent.

2) Information gathering.

Here’s what they say:


As publisher of Independent Retailer, my 70,000 readers are hungry for fresh product ideas and
reputable wholesale suppliers. So send me your product and company news and we
will review it for submission in the upcoming special “New Products”

Also articles are a great way to get the word out about your company and get
response, plus you’ll also get free bonus coverage on

here to see the latest issue of Independent Retailer.

So Contact me today for details on submitting your company info for review and publication.
Also ill be looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Bill McNulty

Independent Retailer Magazine

(800) 999-8281 ext. 111

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