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John Calvert, administrator of the USPTO’s Inventors Assistance Program  sat down with Carrie Jeske at the Kansas Regional Independent Inventors Conference.

Many topics were discussed and the conference was a great success.     In this clip, Carrie askes John to comment on the As Seen on TV (ASOTV) distribution channel and patentablity.

John Calvert, USPTO interview by Carrie Jeske

Since this interview John Calvert has taken over as president of the United Inventors Association (UIA).   He is taking the direction more toward educating about patents, as one would expect.    The United Inventors Association is a group that’s biggest value comes in the directory of Inventor Clubs around the country.

So if you are not in an inventor club, find one or star one.   Participating with like minded, positive people will increase your chance of success.

So there are many positive people to help with your start up venture or new product idea.   John Calvert or other team members can help or contact Carrie Jeske.

Social networking is another good opportunity to find and connect with trustworthy people.

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