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With product royalty rates, greed is never good.    Many inventors end up signing licensing agreements that terminate, never paying a dime, because they negotiated out the very partners needed to succeed.   Launching new products is expensive.   You’ll need partners in the deal who can help.

Q. Why don’t more companies work on commission only?  

A. Because it takes years of relationship building to attract the right investor group with the proper distribution channel and capital to make the product successful. 

Too many inventors want FREE help on the front end then start trying to cut commissions for the one who brought them to the dance in the first place.   Greed is not good.

For example, I recently won two inventors a term sheet with minimum guaranteed royalties of $250,000 for the first year!   It’s FANTASTIC.

Both had been unsuccessful with other avenues of licensing.  One asked me, “Would I make more if the licensee weren’t paying you on the back end?” 

The answer is “No, the licensee would make more.” and the inventor would make nothing because they wouldn’t have a deal in the first place.

I’ll take a small % of something over 100% of nothing every time. 

I prefer working with teams of people where each one’s contribution is recognized and rewarded appropriately.  

I choose to march onward and upward, helping inventors, on commission only, regardless of the presence of greed in my midst.

Those who agree, please submit your inventions and let us earn money together.

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