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Companies Looking For New Products by Carrie Jeske

Complaints, Reviews and Success Stories

At Inventive Ideas, we keep an eye on Who’s Who in the Inventing Zoo.    We monitor complaints, reviews and success stories from the inside of the industry.

So there are many companies looking at new products from the inventor community.    Never has opportunity been greater.

Stay tuned to the Inventive Ideas Facebook page to see our growing list.

So here are just a few of the many companies that contact us for help.


Also as we continue to assemble our next year’s catalog (normally June) we are searching for more organizational products that resonate with our growing demographic.

We are interested in any strong or new merchandise that you may have which fits into the following general categories:

1. Kitchen Organization

2. Outdoor Organization

3. Automobile Organization

4. Home Organization

5. Office Organization

Please send us any sales sheets you can include that satisfy the above categories. Send all submissions to  We are ready to move fast on this proven item grouping.

With over 8,000,000 of our catalogs mailing between now and the end of 2013 we anticipate a continued strong response from our organization focused customers.


So we await your reply. Thank you.


Merchandising Manager

Taylor Gifts

600 Cedar Hollow Road

Paoli PA 19301

610-725-1122 x529



From: Gloria Martinez [] Sent: Thursday, April 3, 2014 12:47 PM
Subject: Updating New Items on


We’re very interested in getting updated on your new products. Can you please send me the info for all new products in a spread sheet format like the attached sample along with images to match SKU? (Also you will notice that on the attached sample there is a second tab that defines what we want in each column on the first tab). Also, could you let me know the best way to download images (WeTransfer, dropbox, etc).


Thank you,



So these are just a few examples of companies looking at new products.    Many prefer to work with licensing agents like Inventive Ideas so they can move faster launching products rather then educating inventors.

For more information and education, checkout this page.

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As a result we can help you get a licensing agreement