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Inventor Education Video Series

Inventor Education Video Series

Inventive Ideas is in the process of developing a step by step inventor educational video series to help people with great ideas take the next step, minimizing cost and time.   The series will be hosted on YouTube.   Please check back regularly for more details.

Carrie Jeske Free Inventor Education & Help

1)  Watch this video to learn how to earn up to $100,000 per product, as a product scout, while you sharpen your skills in our category.

2)  For even more help read blogs and watch links:

3)  Also here’s some NEXT Steps if you want to work on licensing outside ASOTV.

4)  Also here’s some of my agents available for hire, to make connections for you.

5) So join me on social networks and keep learning and helping others.


Just takes 1 winner to earn millions.

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