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I love small business!

Small business is thriving in Missouri.  I drove to the Missouri University in Columbia. Spoke with the advisors about As Seen on TV products.

And was really impressed.   The experts there have so much to offer inventors and entrepreneurs.

The Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Centers (MO SBTDC) help businesses in every stage. From concept to start-up, growth to renewal, mature to succession.

MO SBTDC experts, located statewide.

Providing help on a variety of business topics through:

  • Professional business analysis
  • Business consultations and access to technology resources
  • Educational training seminars on a variety of business topics: financial analysis, strategic planning, technology commercialization, management, HR, social media, marketing, taxes, customer service, business plan, start-up and more.

Earn $330,000 Inventing Products for TV or $27,500 in Finders Fees.   Find Out More.

If you have a new product concept that can be licensed or manufactured.

Please contact us.    Too many inventors go into early stage small business debt.   We recommend low cost, high return inventing.

Be careful to avoid debt in the early stage of small business development.   It’s better to start small and make a profit along the way, rather then find yourself in a big hole you dug.

You may need to keep your full time job going.

And work extra hours to get your start-up small business off the ground.  That’s part of it.   Don’t give up.   Just keep increasing sales and keeping expenses low.

Learn and grow in a steady way.

Onward & upward

Carrie Jeske

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