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New Venture Pitch Competition at NWMSU

Northwest Missouri State University- Carrie Jeske See all the photos from this event. Meet Carrie Jeske on Friday, April 15th at 7:45am in Maryville, MO. Venture Pitch Program. Carrie shares insider secrets to get ideas on the As Seen on TV […]

Who’s Who Inventor Zoo?

Who’s Who Inventor Zoo? This is a great time for innovation so capitalize on the trends and invent smart. There is much opportunity for independent inventors from TV shows to invention contests and more.  The main concern for inventors, is […]

Inventors….Watch Out For Massive Fees

Count The Cost of submitting products online… We charge no fees and are more responsive.  .Carrie Jeske and Inventive Ideas do not charge inventors.    We are paid only on successfully selling products.    Our investors fund 100% of the process and control the […]

Why should you educate your friends about TV products?

This is a great time to be an inventor and to help others learn to invent tv products.    I’ve been in the inventor community for more then 12 years, launching my own products and building the Inventor Center of KC. […]

ASOTV Inventing Technique – Mix and Match

  ASOTV Inventing ASOTV Inventing Techniques – Mix & Match.    I love watching products succeed  and finding new ASOTV Inventing techniques to share.  Check back often. It’s a strategy taught in creativity classes to help people open up their […]

Inventors Pitch Products

Inventors Pitch Products Creative Inventors Pitch Products.   Inventors Center of KC members meeting, webcast LIVE from the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, October 2012. Low Cost / High Return Inventing Steps 1)  Watch this video to learn how to […]