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This is a great time to be an inventor and to help others learn to invent tv products.    I’ve been in the inventor community for more then 12 years, launching my own products and building the Inventor Center of KC.

The opportunity available to inventors now, through TV distribution, is the fastest, least expensive way to earn money on a product innovation.

You should mention this opportunity to your friends and family.  It’s amazing how many good ideas are out there, but often, people just don’t know where to start.  You do.  Very powerful.

Someone you know may have the winning invention.   You can help them and earn money yourself, in several ways:

1)      As joint inventor.  If their concept needs work that you add value to, agree to be joint inventors and split royalties 50/50%.

2)      As a licensing agent.   You earn 25% of their royalties for connecting them to me and my partners.    It’s fair, they wouldn’t find me with out you.

3)      As a product scout.   You earn ¼ % royalty when you find market ready products, already selling in limited distribution.    What a blessing you can be to an inventor that’s taken their product into early stage sales.

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